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The Ministry of health acknowledged that the main cause of cancer is aging

Минздрав признал, что главная причина рака - старение

Many people believe cancer is the worst enemy of mankind and it is the disease most feared. But in fact, in our country, almost half (48.5 per cent) of the cases people die due to cardiovascular diseases, and cancer diseases accounts for three times less – approximately 15% mortality. This was told by Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova, speaking at the opening of the exhibition “healthy hearts Week” in the state Duma.

– Most people “do not live” before cancer, and premature death from vascular, – said the head of the Ministry of health. – When life expectancy will increase on average to 80 years (average indicator in Russia is 71.2 years. – Ed. ), then the first place among the causes of death will be released from oncological diseases.

With that of foreign developed countries: in Western Europe,the USA, Canada, cancer mortality is more than 35%, while from heart attacks and strokes kills up to 25% of patients, the Minister said.

Минздрав признал, что главная причина рака - старение

The Minister of health Veronika Squarciafico: Alexey BULATOV


“The idea that cancer younger is a myth”

Scientist, expert in biomedical technologies, leading scientific researcher of the First Oncology research and Advisory center Andrey Garage:

– Very pleased that the Ministry of health has acknowledged what it has long been said by scientists all over the world: it is the aging plays a leading role in the development of cancer. But not only: the same cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s Parkinson the start because of aging.

If we talk about cancer, we can often hear: that he’s younger, so many people in the Prime of life ruining – I remember Jeanne Friske, spouse of Konstantin Khabensky, Dmitry Hvorostovsky is now fighting a brain tumor. But in the scale of the total morbidity is sporadic – world data clearly indicate that the vast majority of people will get cancer in old age. Scientific studies have discovered the cause: aging decreases immunity, a growing number of dangerous mutations, and the body can no longer successfully fight cancer cells, which are continuously formed from any person.

That is why leading experts urge all States to concentrate on the prevention of aging. Laboratory experiments have repeatedly confirmed that the process of aging can be slowed down. So, extend the period of healthy, active human life, to avoid severe age-related diseases, including cancer. Yes, research and implementation of safe anti-aging technologies require significant funds. But thorough calculations that showed that these costs are far less than the money that States spend now on medical care of severely ill elderly people.

Therefore, the fight against aging, for a healthy and long life is needed not only every man, but beneficial to all States, reports of Komsomolsaya true.

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