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The media compared the wages of Russian and Western oil and gas companies

СМИ сравнили зарплаты в российских и западных нефтегазовых компаниях

The average salary of the top Manager of Rosneft is 28 million rubles a month. Previously, the Corporation has published data on earnings of the management Board. The similar information arrived and from other large Russian companies.

So, increased earnings and top-managers “Gazprom” — on 6%. On average, in 13 and a quarter million a month.

The main owner of these companies, the state, and it monitors expenditure, reminiscent of the BFM, and if the shareholder agrees to raise the top payroll, so, in his view, they deserved it. But perhaps in the midst of the crisis should be more modest, says the head of “Political expert group” Konstantin Kalachev.

“The more cheaper the oil, the harder the life, the leadership, the greater reimbursement of costs and expenses of nerve cells should be. Well, seriously, there is a serious problem with the fact that image loss no one cares. That is, apparently, the public’s attitude towards the subject is not critically important for the management of “Rosneft”. It’s too bad,” added the expert.

Meanwhile, the salaries of the heads of Russian state-owned companies are often compared to salaries in Western companies. And salary counterparts in the private domestic corporations.

So, “LUKOIL” has informed that the remuneration to the members of the Board in 2015 decreased by 7%. In an average month the leaders of this company receive about 8 million rubles. But in NOVATEK, on the contrary, the salaries of the heads last year increased by nearly 23%. Average monthly salaries of the Board there is comparable with “Rosneft” — about 20 million rubles.

As noted, before the fall of the national currency in Western oil and gas companies earnings leaders were quite comparable. In Russian corporations, by the way, are a lot of foreigners. They need to pay a lot and preferably not in rubles.

“They compare Rosneft with the same ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, LUKOIL, etc. Often salaries are tied to some fixed rate. When it comes to top management, the more often there are individual terms of remuneration, are presenting companies that are more comfortable particular person,” explained the chief of analytical Department of company “Univer Capital” Dmitry Alexandrov.

BFM says that in Western companies, managers ‘ salaries often stimulate options. Accordingly, the capitalization growth companies grow and salaries of the Board members. The most intuitive method — calculation of salary based on profits.

“But Gazprom is clearly all will be well. First, gas prices, though tied to oil, but with a time lag, gas is getting cheaper slower. Well, and secondly, the devaluation of the ruble. Note that Western companies — BP, Shell, Statoil — in the past and this year froze wages, reduced personnel. The Russian oil and gas corporations increased salaries and top managers and ordinary workers”, — stated in the material Agency.

“Wages of ordinary specialists, for example, the extraction operators, drillers in General is about 70-80 thousand rubles a month. If we are talking about professionals-level line Manager, heads of departments, departments, salaries here can vary from 150 to 250 thousand roubles a month” — said the head of a recruitment company ANCOR energy Olga Southall.

I need to add to the Northern coefficients and bonuses to the Day of oil industry worker or gas worker, adds BFM.

Meanwhile, a few years ago, foreign headhunters said, how much you get on average in Western oil and gas companies. Best workers of this sphere live in Australia and Norway. In a month they earn about $13-14 thousand. The heads of major mining companies receive about 100 times more.

“And those, and others very good work. Normal capitalism, its human smile. Average pay of Rosneft (divide the salary expenses of the company for the total number of employees) — 60 thousand rubles a month. Top managers, on average, pay in 466 times more”, — stated in the material.

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