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The main differences between a stroke from a minor stroke

Главные отличия инсульта от микроинсульта Who is at risk.

Though the concept of “mini-strokes” in medicine does not exist, it is often used, both practitioners and patients, to determine the status of the person. A minor stroke means the same disorders in the brain and in stroke, but with less force. Doctors say that successful rehabilitation after an attack is possible if treatment in a medical institution not later than 3 hours after a stroke or mini-stroke.

Mortality or disability catches up with the man more often it is due to the violation or block the blood supply to the brain. Consider the main symptoms of stroke and mini stroke, as well as differences of these pathologies.

What triggers a stroke or mini stroke

A stroke is a disruption or complete cessation of blood supply to the brain with subsequent tissue necrosis (cerebral or focal). Mini stroke is called a cerebral blood supply in small vessels with a lesser degree of injury and symptomatic manifestations.

In ischemic stroke, the obstruction of arteries by plaque or a blood clot. In hemorrhagic stroke is torn artery and is bleeding into the brain.

The artery usually happens for 2 reasons: ruptured aneurysm (congenital abnormality) or high blood pressure.

If the affected brain tissue, or begins the process of decay functions, for which this site has posted are broken or fall out. If it stops the blood supply to the left hemisphere of the brain, the effects are felt on the right side. The left half of the brain responsible for thinking and speech, which leads to inhibition of human actions during a stroke and impaired speech functions.

Главные отличия инсульта от микроинсульта

What distinguishes stroke from stroke?

A stroke is actually a cerebral infarction and is characterized by lesions of brain vessels. The prefix “micro” in the word “lie” means damage to small blood vessels or small areas of a congestion of vessels. A minor stroke lasts for a short time (from few minutes to several hours) and the affected areas recover quickly.

Often people do not even suspect that he suffered a minor stroke. Nausea, severe headache and weakness not immediately possible to guess the occurrence of minor strokes. Therefore, should more closely monitor their health and with repeated instances of pain in the forehead accompanied by nausea, immediately contact the doctor.

It is very important not to miss the symptoms of stroke and mini-strokes to quickly diagnose the condition in people to assist.

A minor heart attack, transferred to the legs can cause as much trouble as the full stroke.

The symptoms of stroke and mini stroke

It is important to remember the symptoms of stroke and mini stroke to help the patient cope with the upcoming consequences. From the first minute of sickness should take the supine position, that the head was above the trunk. On the head, apply a cold compress and to provide a flow of fresh air. Then to call the ambulance and describe the patient’s condition if he is unable to do it.

The symptoms of stroke and mini stroke are divided into two types: cerebral and focal.

Cerebral symptoms:

• headache on a background of nausea and even vomiting;

• dizziness;

• heart palpitations;

• loss of consciousness;

• disorientation in space;

• severe sweating;

• inhibited state, drowsiness or the opposite – a strong excitement,

• increased blood pressure;

• numbness of limbs;

• sensitivity to bright light or sounds.

Focal symptoms of circulatory disorders of the brain

The signs of a stroke and minor heart attack vary depending on the affected area. May experience hearing, speech, vision, coordination. There is a weakness in the limbs, partial or complete blindness, loss of verbal abilities, stupor.

At risk for the occurrence of stroke or mini stroke are

• female (men have much less stroke);

• people who have sedentary lifestyle;

• weather-sensitive patients;

• the presence of diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, aneurysms;

• full people;

• people interested in Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

From the effects of mini-strokes are easier to remove than a full-fledged stroke, so remember about the main symptoms of stroke and mini stroke to provide timely assistance to their neighbors and possibly yourself.

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