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The largest BMW plant this year will be even more

Крупнейший завод BMW в этом году станет еще больше

The BMW plant in Spartanburg, the largest plant in the world the brand will be even greater, since the expansion caused by the investment of $1 billion will be completed this year, and will reach production capacity to 450,000 cars a year.

Last year the Assembly line of the factory went record 400,904 machines, surpassing the performance of other factories in Germany, says BMW. More than 280,000 crossovers produced in Spartanburg are exported.

“Very well, a few years ago, the company decided to come to USA and build a factory, at a time when nobody supported it,” said CEO of BMW North America Ludwig Willish. “It not only was a bold step, however, showed how true was this step. Today it is a large and important base for us.”

BMW for the first time established a plant in North America and began production in the USA, in Spartanburg, in 1994. Now the plant produces four models X3, X4, X5 and X6. Now add the production of another 100,000 cars to the production capacity and the production of a fifth crossover, the X7 full-size model, which was originally designed for the American market. It is expected that the X7 will go on sale in 2018. The BMW plant in the U.S. will be the only place where will be produced the crossover.

Since 1994, the factory in Spartanburg was down 3.3 million cars. BMW has invested $6.3 billion since 1992, when the decision was made to build a plant. The daily production of cars today is $ 1,400 cars. The plant receives the components and different resources from the 270 vendors.

Spartanburg one of the most powerful production BMW Assembly using a system of two conveyor lines, allowing you to quickly adapt to market requirements and to start manufacturing to order. Body shop of the plant is fully automated.

Last March, the plant produced its three millionth vehicle. Currently the plant employs more than 8,000 people. The plant has two body shop, paint shop in delenii and two pipes. Now construct a new body shop. After modernization, the plant will have a production area of 600,000 square meters.

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