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The Jericho rose will help at a syndrome of “dry eye”

Иерихонская роза поможет при синдроме "сухого глаза"

The Jericho rose is the only member of the genus of Anastatica (Anastatica). It is an annual herbaceous plant contains Trehalose, which is also found in some plants and tissues of living organisms. Scientists have found that this substance has the unique abilities. Just one molecule of Trehalose is capable of holding up to 10 water molecules. That is a natural disaccharide has a protective effect on cells.

French specialists decided to use this substance for the treatment of the syndrome of “dry eye”, which occurs not only in elderly people but also young people, who spend time at the computer. If eye drops contain Trehalose (Telos), they will be most effective in the treatment of symptom “dry eye”. This substance inhibits the formation of crystals. Instead, they formed “amorphous” structure.

Scientists believe that in a few years millions of people will suffer the syndrome of “dry eye”, so products containing Trehalose, will be in demand.

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