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The head of China declared Barack Obama in his place

Глава Китая указал Бараку Обаме на его место

China suggested that the United States not to interfere in the Affairs of others.

The Chairman of the people’s Republic of China XI Jinping in Washington sharply besieged U.S. President Barack Obama, decided to intervene in territorial disputes over Islands in the South China sea.

During the meeting, which was held on the sidelines of the security summit, XI Jinping explained to Obama that no one is allowed interference in China’s sovereignty. He assured that “China will resolutely defend its sovereignty and relevant rights in relation to the South China sea”. The Chinese President also said that Beijing respects the freedom of navigation and airspace, however, all this should not be used against the sovereignty of his country.

We will remind, a number of Islands in the South China sea is subject to the claims of several regional powers. For example, China established control over the Islands Prezelski in the 70-ies of the last century. However, these areas still claim Vietnam and allied to the United States Taiwan. Despite the fact that all the Islands are uninhabited, the archipelago represents the geopolitical value because it is at the crossroads of important Maritime routes.

With regard to the Spratly archipelago, claimed by China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei. Unlike Prezelski of the Spratly Islands occupied by the contingent-claim States (except Brunei). In addition to the strategic importance of the shelf of the archipelago is fraught with large reserves of hydrocarbons, which significantly raises the stakes in the fight for it.

The object of the dispute is the archipelago of Diaoyudao (Senkaku) Islands, located in the East China sea. This territory is claimed by China and Japan.

Given the importance of these territories, in dispute of regional powers intervene regularly in the USA. They’re sending in these areas its Navy and air force than China provoke a response. For example, last fall through the water in the area of the Spratly Islands, which China claims as its passed American destroyer. Given the provocative actions, the U.S. Ambassador in Beijing was summoned for explanations to the Chinese foreign Ministry. As established unilaterally by Beijing’s air defence zone in the area of the Diaoyu Islands patrol by Chinese fighters, which is meant to prevent further provocations, writes the Russian business magazine.

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