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The four product instantly fat burning

Названы четыре продукта, мгновенно сжигающие жирExperts have called products that will help fight obesity.

On the eve of the beach season, scientists of the United Kingdom decided to suggest a way to quickly get rid of excess weight. Experts of the British dietetic Association named the four foods that burn fat almost instantly. By words a press-Secretary Claire Pettitt, the right combination of diet and exercise will help to achieve a more shapely figure in a few weeks.

1. Greek yogurt

In recent years, the increasing popularity began to gain the so-called Greek yogurt, Dahi, or Laban. The use of this fermented milk product is that prior to release, it is passed through a cloth or paper filter, eliminating the source of “light” carbohydrates serum. At the same time, thick yogurt has many protein, which helps to maintain satiety for longer.

Experts warn that commercial success of the product some companies refer to Greek yogurt what it is not, therefore before purchasing you must carefully examine the label to ensure no unnecessary sugars or sweeteners.

2. Brown rice

Due to the fact that cereal processing retains nutritional trubnoy shell, brown rice is almost indispensable source of fiber, also reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. The shelf life is much less than that of white rice, but the nutrients it is much more.

A similar effect in reducing the jig can also demonstrate lentils, wholegrain bread, peas and beans. British nutritionists say that sweet fruits and vegetables, despite the high fiber content, can harm the figure, as they contain digestible carbohydrates.

3. Chili

Red pepper or chili pepper can be found in stores as fresh or dried or canned. Employees of the University of Wyoming sure that the vegetable is like nothing else helps to say goodbye to excess weight.

According to scientists, the substance capsaicin, contained in abundance in peppers, helps speed up metabolism and converts white adipose tissue into brown, which prevents the accumulation of excess fat. A similar effect shows irisin hormone that is released after prolonged exercise.

4. Watermelon

Dietary benefits of watermelon known even to those who from excess weight does not suffer. Sweet fruit is 92% liquid, which gives a feeling of satiety, without increasing the appetite. In addition, according to British nutritionists, watermelons are in abundance vitamins a and C, the use of 500 ml of juice before each meal can significantly speed up the process of weight loss

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