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The experts said, the morning hot drinks

Эксперты рассказали, полезны ли с утра горячие напиткиMorning is better to start with warm water.

Many families have a tradition to start the morning with hot tea or coffee. And even soup. There is a certain grandma’s version that in the morning the body needs hot. This is actually quite a controversial statement.

First recall that the main part of our gastrointestinal tract – the stomach and intestines. Food first enters the stomach. There it is processed by gastric juice is a complex solution which consists of hydrochloric acid, substances, neutralizing its harmful effect on the stomach wall, and enzymes that prepare food for digestion.

In the stomach the food is heated to a temperature of about 40°C and then passes into the intestines, where digestion actually begins, as the process of extraction from food nutrients and their distribution for the needs of the whole organism.

This is a natural process that is “locked up” our body. If we eat or drink warm or hot, it can pass into the intestine, without stopping to be processed in the stomach.

Therefore, the ideal scheme of morning Breakfast is available. 20 minutes before eating – drink a glass of warm (36 – 40°C) boiled water. It would be good to drink water, slightly acidulated with lemon juice. She doesn’t linger in the stomach, and immediately passes into the intestine. There it will be assimilated with a use for dehydrated during the night of the body. Water, long been in the stomach — it happens when we drink cold water there is treated with hydrochloric acid and in this form is worse absorbed by the body.

And its helpful to drink a vitamin drink room temperature, a sandwich and a little fruit.

Tea and coffee more adults need to Wake up. Most urban residents are no longer able themselves to “make” yourself and have all the time to cheer up caffeine, theine (black tea) and tannin (green tea). And the children vessels in order, so they have enough for Breakfast vitamin drink instead of artificial ionization.

Furthermore, tea and coffee are diuretics, they contribute to the unwanted dehydration. And more coffee and leaches calcium.

In conclusion say the following. Adults decide what to eat and drink in the morning themselves, based on their experiences and years of habits. But children and teenagers juice in the morning better than tea and especially coffee.

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