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The expert told about the impossibility of freezing of oil production by Iran

Эксперт рассказал о невозможности заморозки добычи нефти Ираном

Iran will not freeze or reduce the production of hydrocarbons, despite the statements of oil Minister of this country, said the partner of company Rusenergy Mikhail Krutikhin in a conversation with “Tape.ru”. According to the expert, in approving the agreement of the countries-oil exporters of frozen production, Tehran is not meant for their own production.

“If you look closely, that actually said the Iranian representative, in his words, there is no clear promise not to increase production. But other exporters they encouraged. Say, you freeze, and we’re on our own,” explained the expert.

According to him, in the current situation, Iran simply cannot afford to abandon plans to return former positions in the energy markets. “They only recently lifted sanctions. Iran is not even at the start, he has already clocked — Iranian oil is already supplied to Europe,” said Krutikhin.

Currently, oil production in Iran because of the sanctions that were imposed until recently, is “ridiculous” levels of 1.7 million barrels per day. In addition, significant reserves of oil filled in tankers and can be brought to market at any time. However, the plans of the Islamic Republic is not reduced, but increased sales and production.

Krutikhin stressed that the statement by the Iranian officials in a long-term perspective on the supply of oil in the world and the prices are not affected. “I do not change their forecast of annual average price this year of $ 45 per barrel”, — he said.

On February 17, Iranian oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh has announced support for the initiative by the refusal to increase production after talks with his counterparts from Venezuela, Iraq and Qatar. After appropriate remarks oil stock prices has risen sharply. The price of Brent rose on the London exchange ICE by 6.8 percent to 34,53 USD per barrel. American WTI crude oil rose by six percent to is 30.91 per barrel.

February 16, Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak and representatives of OPEC (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Venezuela) agreed to freeze oil production at the level of 11 January. They were joined by Iraq and Kuwait.

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