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The European Union is strategically prepared for the salvation of Schengen

Европейский Союз стратегически подготовился к спасению Шенгена

If in the near future the control on the internal borders of the European Union will not be cancelled again, the European economy will lose from 7 to 18 billion euros per year. To avoid collapse in the bowels of the European Commission born on a plan to rescue the Schengen agreement.

“Re-introduced border controls will lead to serious economic, political and social losses”, — quotes the plan given to it by the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The estimated European officials, will not only deprive EU citizens freedom of movement, but will also harm the common European market. The biggest losses from closed borders will incur transport and logistics.

It is noted that the daily traffic jams will be idle approximately 1.7 million persons crossing the internal borders of the Union on the way to work. The company in which they work, these people will lose between 2.5 to 4.5 billion euros. The tourism industry will not be counted 13 million of the bookings of rooms in hotels.

In addition, administrative expenses for maintenance of the boundaries will be at least 1 billion euros, said the European Commission, writes DW.

To prevent such a scenario, Brussels has gradually abolish checks at internal borders of the Schengen area. He’s completely on the idea of the experts of the EC shall be cancelled by the end of the year.

First you will need to help Greece defend the EU’s external borders, for which it is planned to involve the Agency Frontex. By the autumn must be completed in the pan-European border and coastal services, who would take the protection of EU borders.

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