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The limits of reason

30 March 2016
Границы разума
Yefim Fistein
Published 30.03.2016 09:00
Don’t know about you, but I long ago ceased to fit into a sharp turn themes. Don’t get elusive sense of events. It’s certainly not about Russia – there realities is generally beyond good and evil. But sweet to my heart Europe the mind is also not understand. I envy the ease with which some well-wishers dismiss the problem, saying, do not frighten us by dusk, Europe will survive, and not so worried! To survive, she will survive, but only in a geographical sense. But civilizations sometimes and not to worry. If not to confuse history with geography, we have to recognize that the history of humanity is primarily a narrative about the change of civilizations, not their tenure. The barbarians the Romans did not, Latin is not accidentally referred to as a dead language. Within three years after the Goths sacked Rome, on the ruins of the Colosseum were peacefully grazing goats, Grand aqueducts, thickets of water under the bridge, and the idea of public baths could once again be carried out only after fifteen centuries after the destruction of th This time I don’t have.
Waking up in the morning, I first find out what the basic premise of the European Union are still in force, and which was canceled or just move on, forgetting them as unnecessary. I mean not the landmark projects of the past that today looks much more ancient than “the History” of Herodotus, for example, the EU Constitution, the development of which has been spent years, or the Lisbon agreement, which were only exceptions to the rule. I’m talking about recent arguments around the compulsory quotas for accepting refugees and the absence of border controls within the Schengen zone, the erection of new borders. How many “recent” serious warnings were addressed to States violators of the Federal rules as weighty words spoken that acceptance of all asylum seekers is not right but the obligation of European States, and the requirement to determine the limit for the number of settlers associated with the Constitution and is a violation of every imaginable human rights! How much and just cried Chancellor Merkel: “Europe, where it is believed the refugees on their heads – it will not be my Europe!”
But the fact of life coming from the Brussels paper obsolete before the ink on them is dry bureaucratic signatures. Many of those with understandable enthusiasm voted for the introduction of quotas, today brazenly renounce their vows. During this time, major changes have undergone and constitutional law and sub-legal norms regarding the rights of those requests in Europe of asylum. No need to rake up such traditions of great antiquity, as the Brussels regulation last autumn. Last year it was held for 10 summits, and decisions of each subsequent seriously modify the conclusion of previous. Or call life itself – without loud proclamations. Only one month has passed since the historic summit in Brussels, which adopted the plan of Angela Merkel, intended to preserve the so-called Balkan route and rejected the misanthropic principle quantitative ceiling for the reception of migrants. This EU strategy has the working title of “plan A”. The Visegrad four, supported by Austria, had pushed a “plan B” that could allow the creation of a secure border to the North of Greece, anti-European, but this initiative was rejected with indignation. High-ranking officials in Brussels in a special statement, distanced himself from it, stressing that there was no “plan B” does not exist in nature. Try it with three calls to guess what is happening today in the Balkan region and was confirmed by the agreements with Turkey?
European famously largely due to the misunderstanding of the meaning of the border
You guessed it on the first attempt – of course, implemented rejected a “plan B”, the “Balkan route” is recognized as officially closed, guarded border of the Schengen area lies to the North of Greece. The “President” of the EU Donald Tusk praised the South-Eastern fraction of the European Union for a bold decision that is responsible, in his words, “the European spirit”. It is clear that separated Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras had tried in a weak voice about to protest, referring to the conclusions of the last EU summit, but no one except the same Merkel, it is not supported. And since today, the German Chancellor – a figure almost marginal, chicken squeak nobody paid attention – the problem of swing, passed and forgotten. I’m anxious for Merkel: Europe in which we live, is it still Europe or already not? What it is silent? She’s completely still, for which he received the Nobel peace prize, for accepting refugees, or that has stopped to let them in?
European famously largely due to the misunderstanding of the meaning of the border. More recently, in state houses, the EU repeated with the value of the phrase “the boundaries of the refugee crisis will not be allowed”, seriously believing that say something meaningful. This irrelevant statement, as truthful and meaningless, others as empty of truth, like “Jail crime does not resolve” or “Umbrella from the flood can’t save.” The meaning of the border – not in resolving the immigration crisis. Not going in detail to describe how the historical Institute of the border, the limit, boundaries, fences, fence, fence, fence, palisade, etc. suffice it to say that by delineating their territories, neighboring peoples saved a sea of blood that would otherwise be spilled.
According to one of the most respected philosophers of the Enlightenment and the founders of political liberalism John Locke, land and territory along with life, liberty and property form the kind of unity all-in-one: tilling the soil and cultivating the territory, we make them your domain. The government we hired to serve in order to ensure the inviolability of our land and its fruits. The state, therefore, is our property and if it is its job fails, we have the right to fire him. A person is truly free only when it knows what belongs to him, and that is not it. Free man willing his property to defend – the material and the spiritual, moral and civilizational values. Earth, the improvement which ancestors contributed their life work, becomes a part of lifestyle, part of the human personality. But embeddedness is the Foundation of freedom. Someone can say that today this setup is outdated, but one of denial a little – to offer a coherent and workable alternative. And there is not expected.
Recently two dozen countries – EU members recalled their state borders. Those who don’t remember, did so not for ideological, but for other reasons – they may be refugees or not interesting are island powers. Border security takes a variety of forms: from barbed wire to rail and road tests. The political thought of Europeans was ripe for the simple truth: in order to eliminate the internal partitions, it is necessary to begin to protect the perimeter.
It would be naive to hope for a miracle and to believe that itself will disappear numerous category beginnerca who consider that the border and the wall are contrary to God’s design. Something in this spirit uttered by the Pope during his visit to Mexico in the American presidential candidate Donald trump, who promises in case of victory to build a wall on the southern border of the United States. According to the head of the Catholic Church, these intentions are incompatible with Christianity. In other words, he actually denied the Trump of belonging to the Christian faith. A heathen, as you know, Paradise doesn’t take.
Pope Francis is a Holy man, and no doubt it is the Kingdom of heaven. But this quality requires some – how should I put it diplomatically? – other-worldliness. In harsh reality, the protection of borders and erection of walls has never been a question of faith or unbelief. The great wall of China, of course, built not Christians (like Berlin), but at the same time, the borders marked out and walls built not only the Gentiles and the Gentiles. By the way, in addition to incorrigible postmodernists-vsechelovek, the main opponents of the borders today are radical Islamists, builders of a world Caliphate. And the arguments they, too, are spiritual, even better visible. Speculative Caliphate exists wherever Muslims live, where their spiritual unity – that is why the Islamists and do not recognize artificial borders between Iraq and Syria, between Libya and sub-Saharan Africa, between Europe and Asia.
The notion that Christianity supersedes the motley variety of human communities, ignorance or stupidity. Incidentally, the mosaic on the sidewalk clearly indicates where the city ends and begins Rome the Vatican city state. The immigrant laws of this miniature state is considered among the most rigorous in the world. Awkward and the very desire to excommunicate someone from the Church’s commitment to border control. If believers are willing to accept the idea of the Heavenly gates, where St. Peter-the house-steward selects the righteous, who are worthy to enter Paradise, and drives away sinners, they must accept the idea that the desired tabernacles enclosed with a strong wall. Otherwise, the way of the gate, out from the clean fields, devoid of any meaning. Paradise does not reliably separated from hell, eventually turns himself in purgatory.
The mind is always aware of its limitations. Stupidity is always infinite.
Yefim Fistein international observer Radio Liberty

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