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The economy is declining, and ambitions grow, brother?

Экономика падает, а амбиции растут, брат?

What makes China to abandon the path of development? For the sake of the Union from slipping back into the Soviet past Russia?

The ability to build castles in the air and illusory worlds, to deny Russian officials not allowed!

“States of the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO) and the Eurasian economic Union (EEU) are working on the agreement on the establishment of a common free trade area. About it on the Russian-Chinese construction forum on March 2, said Deputy Minister of economic development Alexey Likhachev. If his words will be embodied in practice, it will be possible to talk about reformatting the entire global economy.

“The important point for us — already the decision of our Prime Ministers — to think seriously about a free trade zone in the SCO. We don’t just together with the Chinese delegation, we developed it to the next: in fact, we will now prepare the approaches to some continental economic partnership, a comprehensive agreement in the framework of the SCO,” — said Alexei Likhachev” .

Listen to Mr. Likhachev, Russia just at the forefront of global development and technological progress. He allows himself to broadcast about “the free movement of goods, facilitation of trade , movement of capital and investment”.

He is from which country he came to China?

In Russia the concept of “freedom” is not honored in any incarnation, in honour of the right to private property and banal protection of investment and capital.

What is the market “our services” provides the official India, China and Pakistan? Services “polite people” and bombing cities?

What is really touching is the opinion of the advocates of the policy of China, which supposedly is not profitable TRANS-Pacific partnership, on the basis of which the rapprochement between Russia and China in the political arena.

Wake up dreamers, come back down to Earth.

China participates in the creation and operation of transport, “the silk road” by-passing Russia.

China’s trade with the United States in 2015 reached the milestone of $ 500 billion.

China’s trade turnover with Russia fell for the third year in a row and “reached” 37,72 billion.

China joined the civilized, technological world, he is one of the leaders in the development of “green energy, the country is actively developing 3D technology in the industry. China is interested in open scientific and technological exchange with developed countries.

With a “hangover” China will abandon the path of development? For the sake of the Union from collapsing, slipping back into the Soviet past, serf Russia?

There is no reason for China to fall out of civilization, just as there is no reason in democratic India.

Misconceptions the road leads to a dead end.

Vladimir Nekrasov

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