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The economic success of regions was attributed to the presence of Jews

Экономический успех регионов объяснили присутствием евреев

Scientist Luigi pascali from the University of Warwick have linked economic growth in some regions of Europe with the expulsion from other areas of this part of the world Jewish communities. A study published in the journal The Review of Economics and Statistics, briefly about it, reports the Daily Mail.

The scientist in the article has considered the example of the Apennine Peninsula (the territory of modern Italy). In 1503 in the southern cities began the oppression of the Jewish communities, they were forced to migrate North.

Outflow one of the most economically active part of the population has led, according to pascali, to a substantial gap in the size of the GDP of the two regions. In Northern Italy the figure is 10 per cent greater than the GDP of the South.

It is noted that the Jewish community created the first credit institution on the border with modern France territories. Banks contributed to efficient allocation of financial resources and economic growth.

To their findings, the technician came by studying demographic materials of the Renaissance and historical data on changes in religious doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church.

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