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The doctors suggested how to cope with insomnia during the heat

Врачи подсказали, как справиться с бессонницей во время жары In hot weather many people find it hard to sleep.

Insomnia in the heat overtakes even those who usually knows no sleeping problems. In a stuffy room difficult to sleep through the night, a person wakes up more than once: from street noise, thirst. In the end, in the morning he feels frustrated.

Causes of sleep disorders in the heat can be several. This lack of oxygen, as in sultry weather in the air decreases the oxygen concentration. And failures internally in the body. In the heat of the hard body loses moisture, which leads to disruption of the internal processes of the body, including sleep. The optimum temperature for a comfortable sleep is 21-23 degrees.

Early awakening and General reduction of sleep to 6 hours in the summer – is normal. The human body adapts to the work in special circumstances, and instead of the winter “sleep” for 8-9 hours in the summer switches to economy mode, and we can sleep for 6 hours.
Do not take sleeping pills at the first sign of insomnia, says psychiatrist Irina Ivlieva. There are other ways to sleep in the heat. The easiest is to create a comfortable temperature using air conditioning or fan.

If not, ensure that the apartment is not warmed. People’s effective way to overcome the stifling heat in the apartment with no fan to hang on the window, wet a sheet and periodically spray the air and the curtains on the Windows from the sprinkler.
It should not be tight to have dinner before going to sleep. In the summer it is useful to adhere to the vegetable-dairy diet. But the most important is to drink enough water.

But alcohol insomnia will not save. You are really fast asleep, but after a while I Wake up. Will help you sleep easy physical activity and a warm shower. Effective and simple advice – start reading an uninteresting book, and sleep will cover you quickly.

In General, please note if problems with sleep are associated only with heat, they will end as soon as colder. If they are caused by other reasons – refer to specialists.

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