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Действующий раритет
Traditional Japanese hotel Ryokan Hoshi (Hoshi Ryokan) was named the old firm in the world. Previously, however, she was second after Conlogue (Kongogumi), founded in the year 578 – but since then, the oldest company was swallowed by another, and the Hoshi Ryokan came in first place.

And this is not surprising, since the Hoshi Ryokan was built in 717. Family is the founder manages more than 46 generations – more than a thousand years! Japan, of course, a land of traditions, but still a thousand years and nearly three hundred is a very, very long time in our ever-changing and sometimes dangerous world…

Hotel the Hoshi Ryokan a traditionally Japanese, so residents in it in addition to accommodation offer tea ceremonies and bathing (tubs) in hot springs, which in Japan is called onsen. They are outdoors and are heated by the natural heat of the Earth. They say the most wonderful experience to take these baths in winter, when the snow falls from above.

Night at the Hoshi Ryokan costs about 350 dollars – along with Breakfast and lunch, and beautiful, scenic views absolutely free.

Most interesting is that throughout the century the owners of this accommodation is the same family, and with it from owner to owner enters the name of Zengoro Hoshi, only added to the room, for example, now 46.

How did this hotel? This story is surrounded by fog, as the legend, according to which the Buddhist monk Daishi Melt in the dream was the spirit who said that at the foot of mount Hoku is a hot spring that has the ability to heal people. This omen proved prophetic. The source was found, and the disciple monk of Garyo Hoshi organized a shelter for Wanderers, and his son, in turn, was built on this place a hotel. His name, as it is easy to guess, Zengoro Hoshi.
Действующий раритет

Действующий раритет

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