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The culture of dehumanization

Культура расчеловечивания

If we evaluate the contribution of Russia to world culture, it is huge. The names of Russian writers, composers, playwrights, and Directors in Golden letters inscribed in the cultural heritage of mankind. At school we all know about the Golden and silver age of Russian culture, a concise extension of which was the heyday of the Soviet culture. The whole world is still amazed by the beauty of Russian ballet, studied acting craft in the Stanislavsky and grasps the depth of the works of Russian classics.

And it is clear why. Because Russian culture has always appealed to the highest human substances, sang the best spiritual qualities of a person, expertly describing the mental anguish of the characters and exposing the worst human vices. She touched the strings of the human soul, which pushed him to the knowledge and development of one’s spiritual nature. Played on them a kind of humanistic Symphony, leading the man up the stairs of spiritual development. The strings are these inherent in every person and have neither racial nor national, nor social, nor any other form of differentiation, and thus understood in every corner of our planet.

Unfortunately, all of the above cannot be attributed to modern Russian culture that for the last 25-30 years so lost its face that it is not even a Russian can hardly be called. A huge stream of vulgarity, sex, vulgarity, bulgarini mediocre and bad taste is continuously poured on the Russian inhabitant from screens of TVs and cinemas, one of the pages pocket books, radio speakers, etc. Particularly surprising that this turbid stream often are the creators, which not so long ago admired by the whole country.

This characteristic of modernity is a creative impotence. Good works are very few, and those that appear, are lost against the highly touted “cultural” marriage. Is permanent parasitism on the most beloved works of the Soviet era. And something new that is created, horrible stinks or cheap hollywooddivas or anti-Soviet. What can we say, if over the past 10-15 years, our stage is not able to compose more or less a good song for the New year!

We should also mention the quality of our creative intelligentsia. The quality is such that modern culture does not hesitate publicly to hurl obscenities displeased him journalists, to speak to the audience in a state of alcoholic or other intoxication and advertising junk. As for the female half of this culture to bare on the pages of glossy magazines is considered a success, not shame. How did it happen that the Russian culture is a fold down from the height of his deserved pedestal to the bottom, and sometimes it seems that, piercing it, she went into free fall?

The fact that Soviet intellectuals, saw as well live their Western counterparts, how high social status they possess. Moreover, Western culture has always had a very attractive packaging, which masterfully unraveled army of marketers. The Soviet intelligentsia was tempted and betrayed those ideals, which served to bring good, bright, eternal in the souls of ordinary people. This has also greatly contributed to the betrayal of the Soviet party elite. Gradually the Communist ideals, which glorified Soviet artists, West began to replace the ideals of the consumer.

This process accelerated with the beginning of Gorbachev’s perestroika, when it was announced glasnost and removed the final barrier – censorship. Not to mention those of the ideological excesses that she had, objectively censorship still keep the quality level of creativity at a high level and directed it towards the sublime, as demanded by the Soviet ideology. When she died, the Russian cultural field began to fill blatant vulgarity and obscenity. Then thought that was kinda funny: it turns out you can sing obscene ditties, the sex scenes removed and mock those ideals on which yesterday raised millions of Soviet people!

However, recognizing his artistic capitulation to Western pop, our culture has lost its unique and rich content. And if Western society was raised by law-abiding consumers in Russia was brought up highly spiritual People. Now in us educate the consumer, who in the first place are his instinctive greed and not moral principles. Market fact need the consumer, not the Person.

The consumer should not be distracted by the high of matter, soul and brain it’s necessary to immerse in a comfortable condition through various kinds of mindless entertainment. Maximum attention should be paid only by his instincts. Because the consumer, driven by instincts – an ideal source of income. Instead of “War and peace” we have “Comedy club”, instead of “Swan lake,” “a Glass of vodka on the table”, and the heroes of our time are characters from “Real boys”, spider-Man and Batman. And instead of official Soviet censorship we have now censorship is informal production. This censorship does not let these talented creators, and those who passes, turns in the same type of painted dolls that are infused into the muddy stream of the entertainment.

Recently in our elite began to receive glimpses of understanding of the catastrophic situation in the cultural environment. Time is now very alarming, and the struggle for the new world order is becoming fiercer and the pressure on Russia on all fronts. So there were plants to promote patriotism. There’s only one slight problem: patriotism is not an ideology, but merely one of its derivatives. And when a fan of American hip-hop Timati repainted in colors of the Russian flag and singing odes to Putin or the domestic auto industry that is nothing but hysterical laughter it can not cause. Homeland is not a bottle of domestic beer, the President or the car.

Today the revival of Russian culture – there is an urgent need of the moment, because the consumer will not be able to resist those challenges that have faced our country. The country needs a Man who understands what honor and courage, nobility and self-sacrifice. Someone like that can educate the native Russian culture. We need to resurrect these high ideals and meanings, from which we once turned, and which deeply sitting in our people. And if so, then consumer ideology will sooner or later have to throw to the dustbin of history.

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