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Why Russia is invincible

Почему Россия непобедима
The experience of history shows that our country for many hundreds of years of its existence, constantly exposed to the invasions of the enemies. The enemy came to us from the West and from the East. Western enemy came from Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, France, England, Germany and other European countries. The East came first in the form of the OBRs and the Polovtsians, Mongols and then the Tartars, then the Turks and finally the Japanese.

Alexander III the Peacemaker argued that Russia for its thousand-year history not only fought under him. This is not entirely true, fought in the reign and the Emperor clash with Afghanistan in 1885 in the district of kushki.

Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin in his book “About Russia” stated: “the Nightingale has with 1240 in 1462, (222) two hundred wars and invasions. From the fourteenth century to the twentieth (525 years) Sukhotin has 329 years of war. Russia has carried a war two-thirds of my life.”

The twentieth century in this respect was no exception. It was the century of two world wars. In addition, on account of his and hundreds of small and medium-sized wars, the various military conflicts that was involved including our country.

Modern Russia, and she managed to participate in four wars and armed conflicts: the first (1994-1996) and second (1999-2009) of Chechnya, the armed conflict in South Ossetia (2008), as well as a military operation against banned in the Russian Federation the terrorist group “Islamic state” (launched in 2015 and continuing today).

The above data indicate insolvency pacifist movements. The historical experience of Russia confirms that the improvement of defense for Russia has always been an objective necessity. Not due to the peacefulness of our neighbors, Russia has managed to preserve its statehood, and thanks to a powerful army and Navy, due to high moral and psychological qualities of Russian soldiers. And today our country needs powerful Armed forces, as the threats to military security of our Homeland, despite their decline, remain.


Plans to destroy Russia and there are many. “We destroyed the Soviet Union, and destroy Russia. Chances are you don’t have any”, she sincerely spoke as master architect of United States foreign policy, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Thus, despite the failures of Napoleon, Hitler and other “strategists” foreign countries have no hope for the destruction of Russia by military means. This is evidenced by declassified military plans of the USA, great Britain, etc.

Russia always did not understand, and hated for its power and sovereignty. “Don’t love us for our hugeness”, said the Emperor Alexander III on the relations of Russia and the world. And if one day Russia will not, it will be the most pleasant news of the world, especially many countries of the world with greed we look at our natural resources.

According to Chinese maps, the whole far East of Russia – the territory of the PRC, and in the official history textbooks in China States that “Siberia – the territory of the temporarily lost China”.

In turn, former U.S. Secretary of state Madeleine Albright is credited with the assertion that the sole possession of Russia Siberia “unfair” and Siberia should be put under international control. Exact proofs of this statement no one to lead and failed, but it received very wide circulation and was often used almost as chrestomathie.

Unfortunately, ideas such adapatability and some domestic public and political figures. “In Russia, objectively, only 5-10% of normal people, claimed at the time, Valeria Novodvorskaya. – The rest can be sacrificed, if necessary, for the benefit of that minority”.

Probably not many people know that in 2000 in the United States was developed by the “Houston project”, under which Russia must be dismembered into small States. Under this project, the Siberia should move to the USA, North-West of the country – to Germany, the South and the Volga region to Turkey, and the far East – to Japan.

On the way this project is only one insurmountable obstacle – the Russian Armed forces.


The reason for hatred of Russia – her strength. This is only for Russians “not in force God, but in truth”, the whole world, God in strength. As Napoleon said, “God helps the strong battalions”.

Throughout the world there are no moral rules, laws. There is only the law of force. Whoever that might is right.

Russia is the only power that has the purpose to fight world evil force. It was during the Tatar-Mongol invasion, as it was in the wars with Napoleon and Hitler. Today Russia is the only country that can become an impregnable fortress on the way of distribution is unjust, inhumane, immoral, inherently anti-Western model of the world.

According to intelligence services around the world, only Russia has the capability to destroy any aggressor country, including the United States. “For those who believe that Russia is the cause of countless problems besieging it, may be charged as a great power, need to be reminded of the sad but undeniable truth: Russia remains the only country on earth that can destroy America,” claimed ex-U.S. President Richard Nixon.

Russia, in her way of helping other Nations, the destiny is to become a world Empire. At the time, French President General de Gaulle said a wonderful phrase: “the Russian people will never be happy knowing that somewhere injustice”. This fundamental difference of Russia from other countries. “Russia is called to be a liberator of peoples. This mission is inherent in its special spirit. And justice world tasks of Russia is predetermined spiritual forces of history”, – pointed out Nikolai Berdyaev. In Serbia there is a saying: “We, the Russians, 200 million.” People in the world are proud of their ethnic proximity to the Russian, and the time will come when someone will say: “We, the Russians, $ 5 billion.” And while this did not occur, Russia should strengthen its military power and be prepared for the wars of the present and future world evil.


The main mistake of all of Russia’s enemies was that they underestimated the Russian people, considered him a slave, a dark, lazy. “There is no nation, which invented so many lies, absurdities and slander, as the Russian people,” – said at the time, the Empress Catherine II the Great.

With regard to slavish thinking, in history a lot of examples of how Russian people selflessly fought for their freedom and independence from both foreign and domestic enemies. We should not forget that the Russian people have made the most significant contribution to the advancement of science and art, the progress of humanity. As for Russian laziness, on this occasion Russian writer, thinker, historical writer and public figure Ivan Lukyanovich Solonevich in his “people’s monarchy” wrote: “Very many people talk about Russian laziness, but the Russian people have overcome such climatic, geographical and political obstacles, which no other nation in the history of mankind”.

So no wonder the Prime Minister of great Britain Winston Churchill warned: “the Russians may seem narrow-minded, sassy or even stupid people, but we can only pray to those who stand in their way”.

Compelling journalistic words of the great Belarusian writer Sergei Klimkovich: “be Afraid to Wake the Russian. You don’t know what’s gonna happen to you its awakening. You can trample it in the dirt, shit, mock, humiliate, despise, insult.

And in that moment, when you feel that you have overcome the Russian, had destroyed, Selmouni forever and ever, rubbed to powder, should happen something extraordinary, surprising for you. He will come to your house, wearily drops into a chair, put your knees on the machine and look you in the eye.

He will stink of gunpowder, blood, and death. But it will be in your house, and then Russian will ask you a question: “In what force, brother?” and in this moment a thousand times, you will regret that you are not Russian. Because of his brother, he will forgive. And the enemy never. The French remember. The Germans know Russian… lives justice. Western man in the street – lying sly briefings and press conferences. Still alive in his heart justice, Russian will rise from the dirt, from darkness, from hell. And you can not do anything”.

During its thousand-year history of Russia there have been setbacks and failures and defeats. But, as argued by our famous writer Valentin Pikul, “Russia is a country, which you can defeat, but not defeat!”.

Russia’s strength in his time the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin wrote:

A strong Russia?

War, and pestilence,

And rebellion, and external

storms head

It besnus, shook –

Look well, all worth it.


Почему Россия непобедима
Russian army always was identified with light force, leading the fight for the truth. Ivan Bilibin. The battle of Kulikovo. 1935.

Russia always tried basely to deceive, sell and consign. It is enough to remember 1941, when Hitler violated the Pact with Germany against the USSR, or as in 1943 USA and great Britain, as allies of the USSR in the Second world war, was preparing to turn against him their weapons, or as in our time, the United States unilaterally withdrew from the Treaty on the limitation of anti-ballistic missile systems, a breach of the agreement on non-expansion of NATO to the East, etc., etc.

Add to that the recent revelation of the commander of the US ground forces in Europe, Lieutenant General Frederick Ben Hodges: “We are not interested in a fair fight with anyone”.

Than ended attempts to deceive, sell and betray Russia, knows the history. But, as we know, history teaches nothing, it only punishes for unlearned lessons. But in the nineteenth century first Chancellor of the German Empire Otto von Bismarck warned: “…with the Russian stands or play fair, or no play.”

A warning to all “sworn friends” of Russia are the words of the writer and journalist Hermann Sadulayev: “the biggest mistake is to neglect the Russians. To calculate the weak Russians. To offend the Russians. Never offend the Russians. The Russians are never as weak as you think. God forbid the Russians to expel or to take something from the Russians. The Russians always come back. The Russians will return and his return. But when the Russians returned, they do not know how to calculate the force and apply it proportionally. They destroy everything in their path.”


At the time, Otto von Bismarck said: “the Russians cannot win, we have seen this for hundreds of years. But the Russians can instill false values, and then they win themselves!”

Words to the German Chancellor underscored by the tragic events in Russia in 1917 and 1991.

Analyzing the causes of the crash of Russia in February 1917, the famous Russian military historian Anton Karnowski wrote: “Can and should talk about the machinations of the enemies of Russia. It is important that these machinations found a too favourable soil. Intrigue were English, the coins were German, Jewish… but nobodies and traitors were, the Russians. Without them, Russia would be terrible all the gold in the world and all the machinations of the underworld.”

But the most sensitive issue – whether people are guilty in what happened in 1991? After all, he agreed with all the destruction, largely succumbed to the tinsel glitter democratic “freedoms” and the promises of a prosperous and sweet life. Exactly and bitterly told this to the Russian writer Yury Bondarev: “…your politicians we choose and our main troubles must be ruthlessly blaming yourself, your own laziness to think, inertia and childish naivety of thinking, a hopeless hope for a curve that will take out and, God willing, we will heal. Sweet live.

The people ceased to respect himself, rather, he’s afraid to force the authorities to respect his human rights. He’s dismayed protest “leaders” and their kowtowing to the West, and becomes uncomfortable when it begins to seem that some people infected with the damage. This part became envious, unkind, impregnated with desire of a carefree life of easy riches, pleasures, daily show, like Christmas decorations, TV screens…”

But winning in 1991 in Russia democracy is alien to the Russian people. The breadth of his nature and the breadth of the earth, which was inhabited by Russian people, developed in him a wildness that demanded restrictions.

Over the past century, the Russian people are accustomed to obey, if only the power was fair. Triune “For faith, Tsar and Fatherland” reflected the Russian identity. Anyone who tried to encroach on the sacred for the Russian people symbols was resisted. Until then, until the autocracy did not destroy this bulwark, on which a thousand years had held Russia.

Suvorov taught: “We are Russian. God is with us”. His instructions did not follow the nascent in the country the bourgeoisie with its Mercantile interests, his counsel did not follow the proletariat, anxious to fight for their rights, his counsel ceased to follow the king, surrounded himself and his family a different kind of sectarians. People began to seek salvation in atheism. God ceased to be with the Russian people. It was replaced by communism, and then democracy. And in democracy lies the main threat to Russia.

What brought Russia democracy? Untold misery, devastation, poverty for the vast majority of the population and great wealth, permissiveness and promiscuity for a small number of nouveaux riches. Nothing creating, selling, eating and spent earned by people capital, Democrats of all stripes parasitize on a society body. Along with this, the Democrats strongly reduce the country’s defense, calling for the abolition of conscription, the dissolution of the Armed forces.

But Russia can not do without Armed forces. They need to defend national interests in the international arena, for the containment and neutralization of military threats and dangers that, based on the trends of the modern military-political situation, more than real. The history of our country shows that the more attention was paid to the strengthening of the Armed forces and defense power, the stronger was the country. Conversely, disregard for the needs of the army and Navy inevitably led the Russian state to the most severe consequences.

Therefore, at present, to ensure the security of Russia needs a strong army and Navy plus dealsince across the country.


“Ultimately, it is extremely important to remember that the real power of the country in the national character, in its people,” claimed the British commander, field Marshal Bernard law Montgomery.

And in this respect Russia has a huge advantage over other countries.

“Our people – the farmer, at the same time, and the people-warrior wrote: Russian military historian Anton Kiersnowski. – No other people has not been able to connect the plough with a sword, the work of the farmer with mandatory military duty for all.

Military genius of the Russian people a great and mighty witness to that all the conquered capitals of Europe and those coming to Russia conquerors that became loyal subjects of the White Tsar.

We will have to overcome great difficulties, but in order to do great things then!

And when these difficulties seem insurmountable, ditches Ishmael – deep, the Damn bridges are impassable, where it’s discouraged and fall of the heart, then look back and ask the advice of Peter, Rumyantsev, Suvorov. And they give advice – the same as it should be. And once again shake the universe from Affairs of the Russian arms”.

The strength of the Russian people in his soul that is just as vast and diverse as the country in which he resides. Here is how describes the characteristics of the Russian soul and the Christian political philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev: “the Russian soul From the vast Russian space demanded humility and sacrifice, but they were guarded by a Russian man and gave him a sense of security. All sides felt Russian man surrounded by vast spaces, and not scared he was in these depths of Russia. Huge Russian land, broad and deep, always takes out the Russian people, makes it Almost mixes… and he associates his mother earth with the virgin Mary and rely on her intercession… Russian earth for the Russian people is the most sacred. In the Russian soul, it often appears to be the virgin. Why trust Russian people on their land to nourish it and protect… Not accident that many of the legends tells of how the Russian bogatyrs gained strength from mother Earth”.

The strength of the Russian people in Orthodoxy. “Orthodox Christian faith, most fully meets the aspirations of the Russian soul, the Russian mentality, as “Christianity is not just belief in God but belief in man, in the possibility of the revelation of the divine in man,” said N. And. Berdyaev.

Unlike the Christianity of Western countries, in which the emphasis is on the sins of mankind, the expectation of the last judgment, in the basis of Orthodoxy is a belief in the future. It is no accident that the main Orthodox holiday is Easter – the feast of the Resurrection.

How could it be defeated the people, who sincerely believe in their immortality? This belief is evident throughout, including during the national anthem. If you compare the words of the anthem of Russia with the words of the hymns of other countries, it is easy to detect in the hymn of the United States aggression and brutality (“in the midst of battle”, “fire from the barricade”, and “despicable enemies”, “on a strange shore our enemy is arrogant”, “gang killers”, “flames of war”, “blood response”, “Waiting for the grave you rot”, “caught in the devastation of war”), in the hymn of Ukraine beyond words and thoughts (“not dead Yet Ukraine”, “Call us from their graves”, “Soul, body we’ll lay down”, “let us also Remember the glorious death”, “Why Ukraine gave up”, “turn our heads”), and anthem of Russia – love, freedom, optimism (“our beloved country, our free Motherland”, “We’re proud of you”, “protected by God native land”, “the Coming us open,” “loyalty to the Fatherland”).

“If the Russians have only one farm, and then Russia will be reborn”, said the great Russian writer Nikolai Gogol. And with that, knowing the history of Russia, could not agree more.

Author Vasily Mikryukov

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