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The cradle razdolbaystva

Колыбель раздолбайства

You know why in our country all like this? Not because that prevents us from Obama, not because we are ruled by Putin, not because we have eight months in a year winter, and the rest is autumn. Not because the country is big and clumsy, not because we are fools and roads.

And because in Russia, the widespread and incessant carelessness. All and in all. This history of doping and hitherto unknown Meldonium – she is about this. But we are not willing to recognize themselves as the cradle of razdolbaystva. We are looking for other reasons. The patriots, of course, galopant about anti-Russian conspiracy. Liberals wring their hands, they say, for the sake of the glorification of the regime of all athletes put on a dope. But this story is really about another.

The drug, which caught our Champions – Soviet development forty years ago. It is for this reason, the drug suck and will fall mostly athletes from the former Soviet Union. And before our caught, managed to catch already and Ukrainians and Georgians. And it doesn’t matter now, helps Meldonium, he Mildronate, improve any results or does not help, it is important that there are rules. According to the rules of the drug in the list – so there is no longer. The decision was made almost six months ago. Prohibition applies for more than two months. Managed to catch a few people from other countries and everywhere was talking about it. What do you need more warning? So, tell me, whose problem is that people continue to take such a drug? Russophobes from WADA’s fault that Mildronate ate skater Bobrova? Envious of Putin’s fault that shorts speed skater Elistratov ate the forbidden tablet? The white House and the CIA to blame for the fact that Maria Sharapova did not read the letter, where she wrote about Mildronate, which she took for ten years. Merkel and Erdogan’s fault that the skater Kolenikov used that had no right even to touch? Because he already has one no less stupid disqualification in the past and now his career just came to an end!

All of these athletes took the pills instead of reading the letters, ignoring the warnings, thinking that Meldonium and Mildronate are one and the same. For them, the idea is that following the doctors. But aren’t we in ordinary life seen incompetent, inattentive, incompetent doctors? There were many stories where athletes did no one consulted, and drank that he was, even without that drink. Buying medications and supplements in some shops on the station, some of the knaves. This is not fiction – it is real history. And Mildronate is not the first drug, which massively caught our athletes. The same story was once with bromantane. And then just as athletes continued to stubbornly take a prohibited substance, thinking instead of the head all the other places. Total ignorance, total immaturity, ignorance squared. That is why we are always at the forefront of the scandals. And great power ambitions and the state’s pursuit of medals is already an adjective.

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