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Doping and politics

Допинг и политика

Last year at the Center for scientific political thought and ideology was conducted brainstorming, the objectives of which were defined by the context of the information-psychological and economic warfare. Given the forecast, what other steps might be taken by the West against Russia. Predicted, in particular, that surely some steps will be associated with the Russian sports.

In modern Russia bet on the glorification of images of athletes, as perhaps the main symbols of national positioning. Attempt to undermine the Russian successes in sports, to exclude Russia from some international sports organizations were all expected. And now the forecast quickly and accurately come to pass. Timely warning the authorities not heard. There was a time to take preventive measures.

Came the doping scandal. It’s not just a sports scandal, and the scandal political. Not only is disavowals athletes as heroes of the nation, but was subject to repudiation by all of Russia, represented the country going on forgery and falsification, rejecting systematically the principles of fair competition. What the Russian side? Everyone admitted, all repented. Passed individual athletes, coaches and functionaries. Pressed on what that individual cases, but in most we his our sportsmen honest. Meanwhile, the number of positive doping samples for Meldonium is growing like a snowball. But to repel accusations with the threshold, referring at least on the evidence of the scientists that Meldonium is excreted from the body for several months and therefore ban its use from 1 January 2016 allows for a positive doping test was using in the earlier period. But to join in a confrontation with Wade need political will and you need to keep in reserve alternative solution, if the conflict reaches the verge of breaking. This alternative was in regard to sport in the USSR.

After expulsion from the International Olympic Committee, the Soviet Union, in opposition to the “bourgeois” Olympics, creates a “proletarian” Olympics. Severely condemned the existing West kommertsializirovatj model of Western sport. Other parties criticism was criticism for dissemination in professional sports doping. When since 1952 Olympic isolation of the Soviet Union ended, it was revealed that Soviet athletes are not only keeping up and functional ahead of the athletes of the leading sports powers in the world. Later, boykotirovat Olympics 1984 in Los Angeles, the USSR organized alternative games “Friendship-84”.

This kind of steps from the Russian Federation is not expected. To maintain the logic of the unity of the “international community” simply cannot be. In this logic easier to sacrifice someone from athletes. But all have to sacrifice. Already there are voices that if this goes on, the Olympics will go to no one. Madalinska for the Russian athletics team in Rio de Janeiro will not go at all. The tactic is to agree with WADA and the IOC erroneous. Agree it was still possible in 2007, when the issue was resolved to hold the Olympics in Sochi. Today, no one to negotiate with Russia will not. The time of compromises is over. The West will not stop. It is obvious that the staged debacle of sports in Russia, which should happen in the summer in Brazil.

In relation to a doping scandal suggested by the President. He urged not to search in the history of doping “conspiracy theories”. But everything about the political conspiracy direct evidence.

Today sports are not only sports. This factor of political presentation of the country. This ideological and motivational factor for the population. In the early 1960s, U.S. President John F. Kennedy said that the position of the power, its status in the modern world decide two things — the number of nuclear warheads and the number of Olympic gold medals. The number of Olympic gold medals — “soft power” was equal in value to the factor of nuclear weapons — military force. The thesis of the founder of the modern Olympic movement Pierre de Coubertin — the main thing — not victory, and participation, was refuted at the very first Olympic games. Turned fierce struggle of countries on the sports field, perceived as analogous to a military struggle. De Coubertin himself refuted the pacifist original installation not to politicize sports, becoming to the end of his life an admirer of Nazi Germany.

The world today is a global field of interstate competition. And sports it is an important factor. To achieve success in the sport, you need to have appropriate, tailored to the sporting successes of the system. And this is not only the athletes themselves, but also economy, and ideology, and science. Without science, it is necessary to emphasize especially, breakthroughs in professional sport is impossible.

Success in sports, as in any other competition, can be achieved either by mobilizing their own forces, or dezavuiruya rivals. Almost in world wrestling uses both. And that was supposed to dezavuiruya image of Russian sports, I had no doubt.

In recent years in movies, commercials, the media created the myth of athletes as heroic supermen. In fact, they alone provide the great Olympic victories, and often act contrary to the public system. All by classical Hollywood standards. In fact, the sporting success. Works on these successes and science. The inclusion of science involves, in particular, and the creation of certain biological agents that increase the possibility of athletes. And it did not start today. Obviously, States that do not have a scientific basis, objectively lose in such competition. Anti-doping structures follow the development of science and set restrictions on emerging drugs. Scientists create new. Until they have been identified as doping, the use of them legally. And the question here is not about the honesty of the athletes, and the capabilities of national scientific schools.

When did the breakthrough success of athletes of China, everywhere, in all media, and in the West, and we have been told that this was impossible without doping. But to expose the Chinese something illegal, no one could. Chinese science, using, obviously, are not known in the West means moved forward the sport of the PRC. And it’s legal.

At the level of big-time sports to win without the help of medicine today, it would be impossible. Use certain medicines all. But not all are caught as dupery. Some time ago in this context it is interesting to note an interview with the magazine “Ski sport” gave our Anfisa Reztsova. Here, interestingly. Let me remind you, Anfisa Reztsova — our famous skier, the winner in biathlon and cross-country skiing, Olympic champion. Discussed in the interview was about the doping scandal with the Russian skiers. “I now — recognized Reztsova the interviewer already told this without reserve, because any reasonable person understands that without it anywhere today — all sport.” “And how are we to compete if everyone uses?”, asked the interviewer: Answer: “So and compete. We looked at the world championship in athletics. Agree, great show. Well, what can we infer?”. “What? Here is Usain Bolt — he’s clean? “continues the conversation the interviewer. Reztsova answers: “Not caught — not a thief. But in General, athletics is the Queen of dope from time immemorial was, is and will be”. Interviewer: “are there people in this sense, smarter skiers?”. Reztsova: “Yes much, are you? Now in athletics (and today is in the focus of attention, first of all, the scandal in athletics) fall only Amateurs. That is absolutely already not observing any precautions. And skiers — it’s just beginning dopingliste that nothing really can not understand some excess because greed will eat, and already caught. Completely inept… That’s Bjoerndalen, the biathlon. Finish covered in snot, with foam on his lips. And never got caught. Why?”. And this is followed by arguments about how the Norwegians.

One of the methods of this paper is to prescribe the asthmatic athlete. In asthmatics prohibitions on doping do not apply. In fact, all the teams of skiers Nordic countries by the full — asthmatics. As if the Scandinavians score for the skiing exclusively people suffering from asthma. Famous teams of the United States of America swimming who consistently Excel at the world Championships and Olympic games — and also — all asthmatics. The stakes in the fight for Olympic gold is very great and everything is in motion.

“Thus, the Tool asks the interviewer,’ you believe that honest competition is impossible in principle?”. “I think she says that he was never honest”. And conclusion: “In the modern sport without doping of nowhere, I can tell you that. This time…”.

Reconstructed, thus in the following situation. Drugs that promote sporting triumphs, eat all. But some drugs are prohibited, others are not, some athletes caught on doping violations other eyes are closed. Appears the actor, who manages this process, using the tool of doping. Global governance the world finds its refraction in the sports system.

World anti-doping Agency (WADA) — one of the institutions of such management. It was established relatively recently — in 1999. The headquarters is located across the ocean in Canada. The presidents during its existence were exclusively the representatives of the English-speaking world. Originally at the head of WADA was a canadian, then the Australian, currently an Englishman Craig reedy. All three definitely have a negative attitude to Russia. And this attitude is not confined to sports. And that political context in doping revelations exist, it is clear to everyone.

Of course, the use of doping as a tool of political and economic struggle did not start today. Historically there was created a mechanism of prevention to the sports Olympus. The first resonant scandals broke out in 1960-e years in professional Cycling. Even then, there circulated a lot of money. To beat competitors through the charges of doping — reception adopted in those years. In the Soviet press that these scandals took place, as a rule, under the heading “their morals”.

One of the most high-profile doping scandals happened at the 1988 Olympics. Caught a world record holder, a cult figure in those years, canadian Sprinter Ben Johnson. But without the subtext of this scandal cannot be assessed adequately. Canadian fought on his own on the street with Americans and outplayed them. Johnson eventually unmasked gold medal is transmitted to the idol of the Americans Carl Lewis, the hegemony of the USA in the sprint is restored.

And here is the tool repressing doping has been applied against Russia. Initially, before any revelations, creates a corresponding image. I will refer at least to the famous propaganda film “rocky — 4”, in which Ivan Drago representing Soviet sport, pumped up with drugs injected drugs. And confronts him, a good American rocky, who wins the man-machine at the expense of moral-volitional qualities. No doping revelations concerning Soviet sport by the time the movie was not. The film warned, therefore, the subsequent revelations. The other Soviet hockey “red machine”. The success of the Soviet hockey dezavuiruya through the creation of images of red biorobots. In fact, our hockey has always been famous for their improvisation. What’s that, a description of the “machine” came up here. But the stamp is replicated and applied in respect of Russian sport.

The original method of promotion of the topic of doping was used against Olympic team of the GDR. The German Democratic Republic really had very high success in the sport. By the end of the eighties in the team standings at the summer and winter Olympic games, the GDR was the second, having pushed aside on the third position of the United States. Sports is what carried the German Democratic Republic to showcase its system, which was proof of its benefits. And liquidation of the GDR could not do without the information campaign against the system vostochnoevropeiskogo sport. The main plot of the indictment was, of course, doping. Campaign at the time against the sports system of the GDR today exactly copied in the Russian Federation.

The wave of doping scandals in Russia followed one another. First strike was subjected to “gold” the Russian skier, then athletes. Today, the Russian sports in General.

Of course, this should be expected. Just look at opinion polls of Russians to determine the point where to strike the enemy in the information war. “What are you proud of the Russians?” — a poll recently conducted polls. In the first place was the history of the country, the second — sports victory. Reasoning in the logic of information warfare the impact was to be made on what is most proud of the population of the enemy. And these attacks immediately followed. Initially the focus information of the occurrence was history. The climax of the campaign of dezavuiruya Russian history occurred in the year of seventieth birthday of the great Victory. The next in a series of external attack was domestic sport. Be considered seriously, there’s no weird conspiracy. It means something quite out of the context of contemporary global processes.

The focus of the scandal was the preparation Meldonium. What is it? Meldonium not increases muscle mass, does not lead to endurance, increases psychological concentration. Rehabilitation is a drug warning in athletes cardiac ischaemia. Developed was Meldonium in 1976 in the Latvian branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. He, thus, already known for forty years, and was put into mass production. Four dozen years, he to the category of doping is not treated, and prohibitive practices against him. Moreover, in the Russian Federation since 2012 by the decree D. Medvedev Meldonium was included in the list of vital and essential medicinal products. At about the same time, it has not been approved by management on control over products and medicines for use in the United States.

By and large Meldonium used only in the post-Soviet space and in some former socialist countries. Its use by athletes has also been restricted to these countries. As it turns out, it took a considerable part, if not most, of the Russian athletes. The inclusion of Meldonium in WADA list of prohibited substances and were, therefore, targeted attack. It was a targeted strike by a country. Someone got on Melidoni and apart from Russians, but from members of the Olympic teams — only Russian athletes.

The inventor of Meldonium Latvian biochemist Ivars, calvings called the allocation of the drug to the doping absurd and compared it with the prohibition on the eating of meat. In his view, this restrictive measure will inevitably lead to higher mortality rates among athletes. But why the protests were not organized by the Federation in a timely manner, even in 2015, when the WADA imposed a ban on the use of this drug?

The fact that the revealing report Wade had a political character, no doubt. Enough to apply to the content. In addition to the analysis of doping samples in it are created quite some political images. Referred to the FSB. His staff was present if directly in laboratories in the Olympic Sochi. A statement is made that the spread of doping among athletes is public policy. In the second part of the report is generally referred to Putin. So arises the image of Putin, personally, certainly injected some kind of anabolic Russian Olympian.

Political provocation is obvious. But to this it was necessary to prepare. This should have been expected. If the cold war, the cold war. The image of sportsmen was some time ago taken to shield the positioning of Russia. Athletes represent the power, are its characters. Whether this positioning? Yes and no. Athletes are the product of the entire system. And if they act, as representatives of this system, the representatives of the people, appropriate and correct. The Soviet Union was always particularly good at team sports. Today the worst results. The ideology of sport in the USSR was focused on the development of team spirit, it was Believed that individual success is impossible without a team. Loyalty to the club, loyalty to country — these were the basic ingredients of the Soviet sports axiology. Now it is not.

Athletes are bought and resold. Many of the speakers under the Russian flag, the athletes actually live abroad. Whom they represent, who to fight? What are the moral values forms an image hollywoodsherman athlete superhero — Maverick? And the heroics that this is a fundamentally different type.

Won the Olympics in Sochi. But it’s still a episode. Before the Sochi Olympics, Russia’s performance in the Olympic games has steadily decreased. At the summer games from the first place she was initially pushed to second, then the third. At the London Olympics in 2012, the Russian Federation was already in fourth place. At the winter Olympics, to historical lows came in Vancouver in 2010, when Russia did not win a single gold medal.

Success in sports is a system phenomenon. They in the long run is impossible without mass sports movement. When there is no this Foundation, and the goal is to achieve success, then the temptation of doping. If we want these successes have been achieved, it is necessary not only to provide comfortable existence to some top athletes, and create social infrastructure, to develop children’s sport, develop coaching school and the science of man. The success of the country can only be the system.

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