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Experiment KP: correspondent tried doping, which was used by Maria Sharapova

Эксперимент "КП": корреспондент попробовал допинг, который употребляла Мария Шарапова

8 March became a black day for our sport. On the eve of International women’s day in doping confessed tennis player Maria Sharapova and ice dancer Ekaterina Bobrova. And the celebration became known about five famous Russian athletes who failed the doping control.

In the black list includes skater Pavel Kulizhnikov and short-speed skater semen Elistratov, whose doping sample taken at the recent world and European Championships, tested positive for Meldonium.

With the same diagnosis March 8 was “hospitalized” and national team volleyball player Aleksandr Markin. Plus it became known that the Russian rider of team Katusha’s Eduard Vorganov failed a doping test at the same Meldonium.

Notice, six people, six different sports, but one drug!

And finished off all the news about the final analysis the strongest man in the world. Sample B champion and world record holder 2015 in weightlifting Alexei Lovchev gave a positive result. However, in the blood Russian weightlifter found traces of another drug – ipamorelin. But, as they say, horseradish radish is not sweeter.

The drug from the Soviet Union

What is this terrible Meldonium, which lost almost all the color of Russian sport?

It was developed in 80-ies of the last century in Riga future academician Ivars kalvinš. Moreover, this drug was manufactured almost out of rocket fuel. Then Meldonium to relieve stress was given to our soldiers in Afghanistan. Calvings in one interview told that the soldiers have successfully adapted to the high altitude, athletes set Olympic records, the astronauts conquered space, and the students successfully passed examinations. He took it and himself to improve mental and physical performance.

Indeed, many of our athletes took Meldonium for many years, and that was confirmed at a press conference Sharapova. But in the banned list he got very recently – on 1 January 2016. Although the drug can be acquired at any pharmacy! That’s what I did.

Эксперимент "КП": корреспондент попробовал допинг, который употребляла Мария Шарапова

Notice, six people, six different sports, but one drug!Photo: REUTERS

“The same…”

In the first chemist’s shop is clearly bored pharmacist hands me a cardboard box, on which is scrawled “MILDRONATE”. And a little smaller – “Meldonium”. The seller is no surprise on his face, no prescription asks.

– It is the same…

– Yes, hosted by the tennis player, plays the lead pharmacist.

– And how often does it buy?

– Yes, often, common drug. Take for hearing and circulation, – the seller begins to twist his hand near his temple, showing where exactly this medication works.

A total of 288 rubles. For 40 capsules of 250 mg. inexpensive.

Take. Read the manual: “the Active substance is Meldonium dehydrate. Excipients – starch potato, silica colloidal… Metabolic means… In conditions of high load restores the balance between delivery and cells need oxygen… is Used when mental and physical overload, including athletes…”

Take one capsule. Soon I clearly jumps the heart rate (excitement). Now I’m on the same wavelength with Sharapova. And questions about this ill-fated doping.

Эксперимент "КП": корреспондент попробовал допинг, который употребляла Мария Шарапова

In the black list includes skater Paul Kulizhnikov: REUTERS

Other sports

As we have already noted, on the same drug affected the representatives of the six sports. As a result Sharapova, which begin to decline sponsors, suffers financial ruin. Skater Bobrova and Soloviev her partner will miss the world championship. Skater Kulizhnikov loses two of his gold medals won at the world Championships Kolomna. And it may turn out to our world record holder collapse – since he has already served a ban for doping. And the repeated puncture can generally wipe out career…

The Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko on the question of whether to wait for other cases with Meldonium, just shrugged: “can’t exclude. And control everything the Ministry can not afford”. Supposedly, this case sports federations.

And what of the Federation? Suddenly, ahead of home world Cup of hockey will be covered and our team? The management of Continental hockey League has already wised up, saying that they would check on the doping of 240 players competing in the play-offs. It is more than 60 percent of all players involved in the Gagarin Cup. However, if there is anyone who finds the drugs in the KHL the match result not overturned. And the scandal, according to experts, could ensue only if you get some type star Alexander Radulov. PAH-PAH…

Эксперимент "КП": корреспондент попробовал допинг, который употребляла Мария Шарапова

Semen Elistratov. Photo: Mikhail Japaridze/TASS

Medical error

But why is it that our athletes have suddenly lost on a single drug? They just didn’t explain? Here’s what he said on Radio “KP” Yuri Resoluteness champion in 2006 in ice dancing Roman Kostomarov:

– Here, most likely, the problem is the doctors. Athletes, are they? Athletes without the doctor, I think hardly anything can take. Athletes train and trust, perhaps your doctor that any medications, vitamins gives. But he must know, surely, what is and what is not. And if they are saying that from 1 January Mildronate began to be doping, I don’t know how people fall for this drug. I do not know whose it is negligence. You know, I also drank this Mildronate, but no power is not felt. That gives the doctor something gives. Well sort of it increases stamina…

After these words, the action of my capsule clearly began to weaken.

Эксперимент "КП": корреспондент попробовал допинг, который употребляла Мария Шарапова

Skater Ekaterina Bobrovitsa: Ivan VISLOV

The battle of pharmacologists

But why suddenly fell under suspicion it is harmless Meldonium, which the World anti-doping Agency (WADA) made the lists of prohibited? The editor of radio “KP” Alexander Kochnev got through to the manufacturer of Meldonium member of the Board of the Latvian pharmaceutical company OlainFarm salvis Lapins of the.

– Meldonium is a purely Soviet invention. But does he have any analogues onwest?

– As far as I know, there is the use of a product with a very similar action under the name Preductal. But this does not mean that Meldonium is prohibited. Just Western manufacturers are working on some of their markets, and the registration of foreign medicines – it is quite an expensive event.

– Do you have any idea why suddenly had claims to this drug?

– This is a very good question. Because there are various versions, up to conspiracy theories. For example, the inventor of Meldonium member of calvings believes that is just the lobby of competing drugs that have similar action, but for some reason in the list of doping are not included.

Whose negligence?

But who was to convey to the athletes of changes in the list of prohibited substances? The doctor or is it a special service? Alas, we have now simply no. Even call no one. As you know, after the scandal in athletics last year had disqualified all of the Russian anti-doping Agency RUSADA. And in the beginning of this year one after another died two of its former head Vyacheslav Sinev and Nikita Kamaev.

The Moscow anti-doping laboratory is also closed. But the fate of scholars not so tragic. The head of the laboratory of Gregory Rodchenkov went to live and work in the USA after his Deputy Timothy Sobolewski. In short, our anti-doping service just bombed, and now you do not ask, with whom…

After that dramatic conclusion, the hand extends itself to the new tablet…


Kira Serov too caught doping!


…That in my sport-of – Kira Serowe, which is responsible in our team not only for records and wins (the loser usually doesn’t write) – and for who of prominent and not-so athletes caught doping, has been rzetelnej changes!

In General, Wednesday morning I Kira didn’t recognize. On Tuesday (while we were on duty the 8th of March room) it was a calm, balanced person – with a leisurely editorial manner: “But you are not weak, Gamic, call a member of the Executive Committee of the RFU Stepashin concerning the next salary cap of our forwards…” now, he grabbed under all conceivable instructions of superiors (a little bit, though, left a Wife Nasinu from our website) and hammering the notes one after the other! Po-lo-sa-mi!

Troubled by these strange symptoms, I rushed to call known throughout the country (what country – the world!) medsphere.

– So,- say,- and so!

And light:

– And you wouldn’t have noticed – Kira does not swallow, hour, pill – like those found in Sharapova?

– Dope, or what?

– Well, Yes…

I was behind the Kira quietly to look. Damn it – it is! He began to apply… “MILDRONATE”. In other words – “Meldonium”! The one that burned Sharapova and her colleagues at the sport.

In my eyes Kira Serov launched in 250-milligram capsule. And… and I was caught.

Yeah, caught doping! – I yelled a heart-rending voice of a member of the international anti-doping Commission.

– And maybe I threw up colleagues, Kira retorted sarcastically, took another capsule and went on to shovel the doping scandalous information that was gushing from all of the information and not agencies.

Эксперимент "КП": корреспондент попробовал допинг, который употребляла Мария Шарапова

In the eyes of colleagues Kirill Serov launched in 250-milligram capsule Photo: Alexander of DINS-RUBLEVSKY

“Soviet sport” – tremble!

Kyra’s still in stock – 38 capsules!


Who caught Melidoni in 2016

Aregawi Ababa, athletics, Sweden

Gamze Bulut, track and field, Turkey

Endeshaw Neges, athletics, Ethiopia

Eduard Vorganov, Cycling, Russia

Olga Abramova, biathlon, Ukraine

Artem Tishchenko, biathlon, Ukraine

Ekaterina Bobrova, figure skating, Russia

Maria Sharapova, tennis, Russia

Semen Elistratov, short track, Russia

Pavel Kulizhnikov, speed skating, Russia

Alexander Markin, volleyball, Russia

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