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The compassion of passers-by helps to Rob banks

Сострадание прохожих помогает грабить банки

The people of Croatia, not knowing it, helped the disabled the raider to take out from the Bank loot.

According to TASS, the robber in a wheelchair with the help of the Bank’s customers, as well as bystanders almost got rich on 50 thousand Croatian kunas (about 6,7 thousand dollars).

An attacker with a disability frightened Bank teller “bomb” and took the above amount. But on their own not able to go because of too high door sill. The Bank’s customers came to his aid and helped to overcome the obstacle. The story of “Croatian relief” is not over.

The robber hailed a cab but failed to get into the car without assistance. He was helped by passers-by. Not only are they “hoisted” the disabled, but also put him in the stroller in the trunk.

Random accomplice was a taxi driver. He not only delivered his passenger to the destination, but also helped him to again sit in a wheelchair.

Police, nevertheless, arrested the robber, the computed taxi route by GPS. The police, why the Croats helped the criminal, they answered that could not fail to assist the disabled.

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