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The bankers stole 550 billion roubles from the collapsed banks, estimated DIA

More than 80% of cases the causes of the bankruptcy are criminal in nature

Банкиры украли 550 млрд рублей из рухнувших банков, оценило АСВ

The bankers stole 550 billion rubles from the collapsed banks, estimated DIA
The damage from criminal actions of the managers and owners of banks exceeded 550 billion rubles, to such conclusion came the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA) in examining the activities of the liquidated and reorganized credit institutions. The calculations of the Agency contained in the materials for the meeting of the expert-analytical Council at the DIA, which will be held on Thursday 31 March (the document is in “Vedomosti”).

Since 2005, under the management of the Deposit insurance Agency received about 500 banks, the elimination of approximately half have already been completed, according to the materials. In this case, the value of assets in the liquidated banks on average only 10% of their book value. More than 80% of cases the causes of the bankruptcy are criminal in nature and related to withdrawal of assets when questionable, economically unjustified operations, which are conducted with the knowledge or in the interests of the owners of the banks, caused significant financial damage. In this regard, the Agency allocated 417 statements to law enforcement authorities, and with the beginning of 2014, the Corporation has sent 159 such statements, as the materials for the meeting.

The investigating authorities opened a 284 criminal cases involving the infliction of damage to banks by their managers and owners, production is 210 cases. “By results of investigation of criminal cases handed down 49 convictions against the owners, managers and employees of financial institutions (including 20 sentences in 2014-2016), another 10 cases are pending in the courts”, – stated in the document.

DIA tries to compensate for the damage, feeding as civil claims for his compensation, and claims involving controlling persons of vicarious liability. Only the DIA stated requirements totaling 164 billion rubles, the courts satisfied the claims for 97 billion rubles “However, part of the real possibility of collecting the amounts awarded in practice there are a number of objective difficulties”, – the state Corporation is in the materials.

Often the DIA and the Central Bank are faced with attempts of owners to deliberately delay the proceedings, and actual recoveries from the perpetrators is difficult because in most cases, by the time of the execution of judicial acts of the defendants already have significant assets in Russia. Increasingly, the DIA faced with the facts of the withdrawal of the controlling banks parties misappropriated assets abroad and individuals when the banks serious financial problems outside of Russia. Currently there are more than two dozen troubled banks, the former management and owners of which are hidden abroad.

In September 2015 the Director of expert-analytical Department of the DIA Yulia Medvedeva said at that time, the Agency managed to collect less than 1% of the judgments of the courts at 93 billion rubles.

“Vedomosti” looking for comments of a representative of the DIA.

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