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The article is invisible to the economist

Статья невидного экономиста

Статья невидного экономиста

Recently I caught the eye of the article an acquaintance of the candidate of economic Sciences in the journal “Science and world” 2016 No. 5 (33) Vol.II . At first I choked on technical and confusing-furious passages, and then laughed when he realized what it was. Maksparke me some poet was accused of fascination with heavy kantselyarizmami, well, well. I offer translation from scientific and economic to the simple Russian language. To translate words separately, I did not, because the real meaning has only a whole phrase. Your option, I highlight in italics.


Abstract. In the article the urgency of finding an optimal balance between categories of personnel in the enterprise in modern conditions of business development. ( Now why should one work and the other to receive).

The aim of this work is to develop an approach to the economic justification of the level of outsourcing in the enterprise, enabling selection of the optimal variant of the structure of the staff subject to the minimum sum of costs (such As hiring of migrant workers, what would they not pay).

The article noted the need to maintain permanent staff in uncertain conditions of functioning of enterprises, the classification of staff on grounds of permanent and temporary employees, the method of calculation of the cost of state employees subject to this classification recommended the principle of economic justification of outsourcing in the enterprise, allowing to minimize the level of costs on staff. (How to save income of the Director and his Secretary at the expense of other workers, what would they not resigned)

Modern conditions of functioning of the majority of Russian enterprises have an extremely high level of uncertainty. ( Now we suck).

Constantly changing requirements for organizations, forcing them to seek new ways of adapting to the external macro environment. (Got inspection and new laws – fidget at the navel).

Production program planning and the formation of this optimal and sufficient staff is a complex issue that includes many related tasks not only in a stable environment of development of enterprises, but also, especially in dynamic and not clearly established. (The people who where running away from this crap)

The main issue is to preserve the permanent staff, while maintaining economically feasible level of costs. (Fools the way to work – no.)

One of the promising possible solutions to the instability of the state is the use of outsourcing. (One way out – migrant workers).

Outsourcing involves the removal of the staff. (They can pay half, the rest cut)

The range of problems associated with its control can be represented as a system combining many variations, alternatives, and unknown. (The roof comes over, but with all the parent need to share)

Management tasks of a company are such that can be solved only step by step closer to the final result. (And then once – that figure will do).

The human factor is one of the most unstable subsystems management activities, with a significant number of variables (age, education, seniority, qualifications, etc.). (Folk now gone rotten (young, Yes early, thieves, criminals, stupid bastards)

Factors of the external environment surrounding the company also have a high level of uncertainty. (In the country – a mess in the Duma –idiots. And then there’s the elections).

The volume of orders fluctuates throughout the year due to changes in demand for the company’s products, which have to quickly adapt to changing conditions to maintain an acceptable level of profitability of the enterprise. (Sanctions as introduced and abolished, but domestic goods are fucking useless, because all captivated Chinese)

An inaccurate representation about the future production programme of the plant is reflected, in turn, on the accuracy of the planning of labour resources, their quantity and quality (no matter What I do, all the mess and at a loss. Smart people take the credit and dump)

The labor costs are a significant part of the cost of production of any enterprise, so it is important to optimize the level of the wage Fund. (It would be good to keep slaves, and absolutely nothing to pay).

This can be achieved by defining a balance between the permanent composition of the workforce and those who can bring temporarily, in the case of a suddenly increased amount of work. (A great option – Dynamo with free trial period).

If we consider the wages of employee with the total cost of equipment of the workplace as a special investment, then obviously the following: the increase in production reduces the production costs per unit of output due to the relative reduction of fixed costs for the maintenance of fixed assets, which are the means of production workplace. (Let the plow at home, on their computers and nefig office contain)

For example, when the ratio of the weights of the costs of living and materialized labor 1:1 to the share of conditionally constant part of the workplace is 50%, the growth of labor productivity worker is equal to the absolute cost savings of half the cost of substantiated expenses. (You can pay at all in envelopes and secruity taxes).

The establishment of sufficient minimum level of permanent staff will reduce the cost of the employer to pay the staff and to maintain acceptable levels of profitability. (As long as there is light at the fools, cheating us to live, therefore, with his hands)

To do this, divide all the staff into two parts: (Determined by who can throw and who – yet)

a) permanent employees without the restriction of term of employment.(white people)

In this category are classified as employees of the most skilled and reliable, proven over a sufficient long time period as needed. Their level of remuneration is sufficiently high, wages made, even if they are incomplete downloads. (Bosses and their mistresses skim)

b) temporary employees engaged under the contract at the time of the execution of any works or services. (Gaster, redneck Fuckers or office plankton)

This category includes staff whose qualifications are low or those that have a high enough level of productivity. The labour of such workers is paid less and thus reduces the level of personnel costs of the employer (These get a dead donkey ears. No money, but they’re holding)

So to Determine the most appropriate type of structure of the personnel is possible with a sequential calculation of many alternatives and selecting among them with the minimum sum of costs (Which would then not sit down, have a pint and a good accountant).

 I hope now you understand everything in the modern economy, and you will be able to read scientific articles without an interpreter


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