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Tesla was faster than a racing Porsche

Tesla оказалась быстрее гоночного Porsche

In the near future, Tesla plans to release a new generation of its popular sedan Tesla Model S. most Likely, this will happen already in 2020. But despite the fact that the car hasn’t even arrived, it already had time to compare it with racing electric car production Porsche. And honestly, the results were very interesting.

So, apparently, the new Model S took part in the competition with Porsche at the Nurburgring Taycan, by the way, is one of the most challenging racing circuits in Germany. Witnesses that heard the event, saying that the electric car Elon musk just “broke” electric racing car from Porsche, after going round in 7:23 minutes, 19 seconds faster than the record set by the German car manufacturer.

If all this is true, it turns out that this family sedan from the American company were better than the car, which was initially positioned as a racing option. On the one hand, it’s very cool — the Tesla Model S now can be considered a car for those who like to drive. But on the other hand, the sedan from the company Elon musk is very often used to transport children. And here arises the question of the safety of the vehicle, having such a record-shattering performance.


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