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Smoking outdoors may prohibit

Курить на открытом воздухе могут запретить

Smoking outdoors may be prohibited. Not everywhere, of course, and less than fifteen feet from entrances in educational, health, cultural, sports institutions, as well as on beaches and playgrounds. This bill submitted to the Duma.

The current legislation already has a ban on Smoking on beaches, playgrounds, public places and various institutions. But “fifteen” rule only in regards to transport infrastructure – that’s the distance we need to move away from entrances to train stations, subways, airports to smoke legally.

With regard to the institutions of culture, education, sports, while the law contains a rule prohibiting Smoking at their premises. Went beyond the fence – then please. The exact distance at which you can smoke near these institutions, was not specified. Now it will appear in anti-Smoking law, if deputies will approve the initiative of his colleagues who prepared the document.

In the explanatory note to it says: the proposal is due to the fact that in these common areas is not limited to the access of children. And this is a threat: children exposed to the adverse effects of tobacco smoke. In addition, “the children created an attractive image of Smoking that, in fact, is a hidden Smoking propaganda, even if this goal is not directly”.

Three years without a smoke

Russian anti-Smoking law on February 23 was three years old. Since then, recall, you can’t smoke in public places and workplaces, lobbies, and trains and in hotel rooms. All the cafes, restaurants and bars in Russia were non-smokers. Cigarettes disappeared from shop Windows and shelves, prohibited all forms of advertising, promotion of cigarettes and sponsorship by tobacco companies. And these measures proved quite effective.

“Anti-Smoking legislation has led to a significant decrease in the Smoking rate from 39 to 33 per cent of the adult population. This means that about 15 percent of smokers have abandoned tobacco, that is, about 7 million Russians abandoned or not started Smoking, – says the Chairman of the Council for public health and demography Daria Khalturina. – This first happened after the collapse of the USSR, and this is one of the most progressive results in the global history of health”.

However, there is one alarming trend is the decrease in the level of Smoking stopped. This means that the measures achieved the best results, need new. Darya Khalturina proposes to increase the excise duties on cigarettes and to standardize the packaging of cigarettes in Australia.

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