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Smartphone Pipo T6 will protect the vision of its owner

Many modern monitors for desktop PCs boast a reduced share of blue color in the backlight of the screen — supposedly it reduces the harmful effects of sitting in front of the display on human health. Actually, it’s a scientifically proven fact, and such displays are already installed in mobile PC. To smartphone chip is also sunk, and the first cell, whose light has a low color blue, became the new Pipo T6.

Pipo T6 the authors emphasize that the blue color in the backlight may have a negative impact on sleep quality and General health, as well as many of the modern people and five minutes can’t do without your smartphone, then this is for them very important. Pipo T6 is satisfied with the genocide of the blue on hardware and software levels, not giving him a single chance: the smartphone in a special way processes the image signal displayed on the screen, reducing the distortion of colors while maintaining the brightness of the shades. The display backlight has undergone modernization, during which there was reduced peak wavelength blue.

For many, the meaning of these terms is unknown, so in short: all the gadgets in Pipo T6 reduce the number of blue at 90%, however the picture quality does not suffer. The cost of the smartphone has not been revealed, but we already know about his appearance in the sale this month. Pipo T6 includes a HD screen of 5 inches with Gorilla glass 4, 16 GB ROM 2 GB RAM and camera on 5 and 8 MP, slot for microSD and battery capacity of 3500 mAh. The CPU here is a 4 — nuclear MediaTek MT6735.

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