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Sex every day brings health benefits

Секс каждый день приносит пользу здоровью

We all know that sex gives a positive, and it is an incentive to perform them daily. Especially if you’re with a man who is willing to experiment and embodiment of their own fantasies. So, let’s what is so useful to daily sex.

Getting rid of stress. Sex relieves stress, boosts self esteem, gives comfort and helps to switch from troubles on positive thoughts.
Strengthens the immune system. During sex releases massive amounts of antibodies that protect the body from infections.

Sports form. Daily sex is a great morning exercise that burn for half an hour more than 200 calories. The same amount of energy you will lose in 15 minutes or Jogging for 10-minute sessions on a stationary bike.

Strong heart. Active breathing during sex clears the lungs and makes the blood circulate faster, carrying oxygen to important internal organs, including the heart. Having sex 2 times a week can be a 50% reduction in the risk of heart attack.

Intimacy. Frequent sex gives pleasant memories that help to build a trusting relationship out of bed.

Lock pain syndrome. The hormones oxytocin and endorphins relieve mild toothache or headache and spasms during menstruation.

Prevention of prostate cancer. Men who commit to 20 ejaculations per month reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer by 14%. A daily sex to increase this percentage to 33.

Training of the pelvic floor muscles. Frequent sex strengthens pelvic muscles, which increases the desire and protects from uncontrolled urination.

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