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Scientists have found an unusual cure for stress

Ученые нашли необычное лекарство от стресса Creativity helps to cope with stress.

In order to cope with stress, enough to focus the work only 45 minutes a day. Scientists claim that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional artist or just drawing the dots. Creative classes are useful for everyone, even for those who do not have special abilities in drawing, modeling and other areas.

Girija Kaimal (Girija Kaimal) and her colleagues conducted an experiment, which was attended by 39 people. All of them were asked to take a 45-minute lesson on the art therapy: they could create, using any material not adhering to any rules. The researchers took saliva samples from participants before the start of the creative class and after, and measured the levels of cortisol.

It turned out that for time cortisol levels decreased in 75% of the participants. The authors expected that the decline will be more significant in people of creative professions. However, this effect was observed not only professional artists but also those who had fairly modest creativity.

The authors asked participants to tell about their feelings from classes. The most significant change in the concentration of cortisol was observed in the participants after the experiment replied that this activity enabled them to learn about something new,” and those who described it as “the process of development from the beginning to the end.”

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