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Scientists have discovered why people can’t give up sweets

Ученые выяснили, почему люди не могут отказаться от сладкого

German scientists have discovered a key control mechanism for the hunger hormones in the human body, the violation of which leads to overeating and obesity, writes the Daily Mail.

It is well known that in the regulation of appetite and body weight management key role of two hormones – ghrelin and leptin. The first tells the brain when you are hungry, and the second when already satisfied. For many years scientists thought obesity could be caused by a deficiency of leptin, ostensibly because of this the body full of people never got the message that they are full.

More recent studies have shown that obese people have a lot of leptin, but their brain for some reason does not respond to the signals of the hormone. As a result, the body constantly sends commands to increase the supply of energy (the easiest way is the intake of fatty foods and sweets), and also to keep it (so many of us so hard to force myself to get up off the couch and exercise).

The perfidy lies in the fact that leptin reduces the pleasure of eating, suppressing the release of the hormone dopamine, which helps to reduce appetite. But if the body does not responds to leptin, the food never fails to look yummy, no matter how much you eat.

Scientists from the German center for diabetes research (German Center for Diabetes Research) and their colleagues from other scientific institutions in Germany, found in the brain “switch” that regulates the suppression of hunger and leptin. As it turns out, is responsible for this enzyme distanceinmiles 5 (HDAC5). The people that he for some reason is not produced, it is absolutely resistant to leptin, and Vice versa – activation of the enzyme leads to weight loss.

– Restoration of sensitivity to leptin is an important step towards sustainable weight loss and freedom from diseases associated with obesity such as type II diabetes, says Dr. Paul Vane. In the future this discovery will allow to create effective cure for obesity.

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