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Scientists have called the sweetness, which destroys the brain

For anybody not a secret that excessive sweets harm the figure, and most importantly — health. However, until now no one has suggested that the abuse of sugar can lead to disastrous consequences for the brain.

Ученые назвали сладость, которая уничтожает мозг
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Scientists from Australia and India used in their study of laboratory rodents. They divided all the rats into four groups. The first group of scientists was subjected to stress, the second feeding plenty of sugar syrup, third occurred just stress and sugar water, but the fourth group consumed a variety of foods.

The results of the experiment showed that rats that experienced stress, but not consume sugar syrup, changes in the brain were the same as those animals who drank sugar water, but were not subjected to stress.

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Thus experts have concluded that excessive consumption of sugar and lots of sweet drinks are dangerous for health. Especially scientists warn parents who love to pamper their kids lots of sweets. According to scientists, this can lead to nerve cell death and, as a consequence, in disorders of memory and thinking in children.

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