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Scientists explained how dangerous canned foods

Ученые объяснили, чем опасны консервированные продукты They adversely affect human health.

The team has implemented an interesting experiment in which doctors were able to fix the relationship between the use of canned foods and the risk of developing heart disease, hormonal disorders and diabetes.

It is reported that the initiators of the research were employees of Stanford University. Also active participation in the implementation of the experiments made by the physicians from Johns Hopkins University. It turned out that canned food has a lot of chemicals that are negatively affecting human organs.

For new projects, involved more than 7 thousand respondents. The age of all subjects ranged from 6 years or more. It is reported that the experiments were conducted in the period from 2003 to 2008. Was that high levels of BPA can negatively affect the health of men and women.

The use of a canned product increased the concentration of BPA in human urine by 24%. If the person ate more than two canned foods, BPA levels increased to 54%.

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