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Saudi Arabia running out of oil?

У Саудовской Аравии заканчиваются запасы нефти?

As noted in his new article known Western journalist and analyst Phil Butler, who worked closely with the leading Western oil experts, there are many indications that Saudi Arabia running out of oil.

According to preliminary estimates, this should happen was by the year 2030.

However, recent data show that the Saudi reserves were overstated by at least 40%. The oil production volumes today are not comparable with those that the world showed in the mid 90-ies. However, the demand for oil only continues to grow steadily.

In this situation, not to be on the margins of world politics and not be another medieval state, which is KSA, Riyadh goes on various adventures, like the dumping of oil prices and active conflicts in Syria and Iraq, where there are still undeveloped oil reserves.

In this situation the only thing that separates Saudi Arabia from total collapse is rapidly ending supply of funds, which the authorities mindlessly spends on the purchase of American weapons. The absence of a plan for the development of society and the state led to the collapse of numerous countries and perhaps Saudi Arabia, with its reactionary methods and manners, will be no exception.

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