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Russian athletes justified

Российские спортсмены оправданы

The world anti-doping Agency has backed away from his earlier statements and made a Declaration that athletes whose doping samples taken robes in the period from 1 January to 1 March and contain less than 1 μg, will be justified. If the concentration of the substance varies between 1 and 15 mcg, the decision on the future of the athlete adopts the international Federation of the relevant sport. More than 15 ág, respectively, disqualification.

On 1 January this year Meldonium was included in the list of banned substances, although anti-doping service of Russia, Latvia and Belarus don’t think it’s right ban of the drug.

This decision speaks primarily about two serious punctures. First, Wade began to accuse athletes and threaten me with suspensions, while the drug has not been fully explored, including the timing of its elimination from the body. Such the drawback for international organizations of this level unacceptable mistake. Secondly, WADA has started to carry out research regarding the permissible limits of concentration of substances only when the number of athletes caught on the use of Meldonium has reached hundreds. If this figure was less, most likely no one would have moved.

And all these for Russian athletes this is good news, after such a Declaration, all suspended athletes from Russia is justified. Although in my opinion, this is not the end. It’s no secret that scandals with Meldonium provoke an extremely violent reaction of the public and generate a lot of debate because of its politicized main persecutions were directed to the Russian athletes. And while many physicians have declared the permissibility of taking this substances, WADA continued to insist on the disqualification of athletes, while the media launched its anti-Russian campaign.

Such pressure from the West to Russians is nothing new, the situation in the international arena is very tense, and sport is another battleground on which policies clarify their relationship. However, despite all the efforts of the United States, Russia has adequately come out of the situation, not falling to retaliatory charges. Russia stands for honest sport that does not allow political interference.

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