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Russia will test the combat readiness of the strategic missile

Россия проверит боеготовность стратегических ракетоносцев

The Navy is preparing to produce salvo launch of Intercontinental ballistic missiles “Bulava”.

Northern fleet prepares for another check of combat readiness of nuclear forces of deterrence. Going out to sea expecting the two newest strategic submarines of 955 project “Yuri Dolgoruky” and “Vladimir Monomakh”. One of them is going to produce salvo launch of Intercontinental ballistic missiles “Bulava”. At the end of last year, “Vladimir Monomakh” has not fulfilled the task. Released on the Kura test site in Kamchatka two strategic missile did not achieve the goal.

Submarines of 955 project of “Borey” type — the future of our fleet. The main element of the marine component of the nuclear triad. In the future eight of these submarines will replace the ships of the previous generation — project type 667 BDRM “Dolphin”. Volley test is the key moment of combat readiness of naval strategic nuclear forces. Each of them is a confirmation of the ability of the nuclear submarine to launch 16 Intercontinental missiles from a depth of 50 m on the move at sea state 6-7 points. That is, the possibility of performing their direct mission in the system of nuclear deterrence — in the event of a nuclear war to launch counter nuclear strike on the enemy.

In Soviet times such launches were only three. All these operations were codenamed “Behemoth”. The last time such a shooting was conducted a nuclear underwater cruiser type 667 BDRM “Dolphin”, named after the K-407 “Novomoskovsk”, under the command of captain 2nd rank Sergey Yegorov in August 1991. Then the missile just 1.5 minutes fully released all the ammunition ballistic missiles RSM-54 “SKIF”, which in due time struck conditional target on the Kura test site in Kamchatka.

Salvo launch is the only form of actual inspection of the combat readiness of the submarine. Testing sea-based missiles in combat conditions as opposed to a single start-up requires special training and skills of the crew. The main danger is the flow of water, filling emptying after the missile shaft. “SKIF” weighs 40 tons Actually for fifteen minutes “Novomoskovsk” took in 640 tons of water. Why it failed from the depth of 50 m to 100 m. the boat Crew not only compensated for this “fall”, but also gave the boat to lurch on the bow or the stern, which triggers subsequent missiles would not have been possible. This all happened during the movement of the boat. For conducting the tests Sergey Egorov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, but the award is not received. In Moscow there was a putsch, the Northern fleet commander was replaced, and Egorov was awarded only the order of the red Star with the rank of captain 1-St rank.

A salvo launch that made the nuclear submarine “Novomoskovsk”, remains to the present time unsurpassed global technical military record. Maximum volley, carried out by Americans, was made on Board the nuclear submarine “Ohio” four missiles “Trident-2”.

In 2011, the Behemoth worked latest cruiser 955 project “Yuri Dolgoruky”. The boat is fully loaded with ballistic missiles “Bulava”. But started just two of them. As told “Izvestia” in the defense Ministry, it was essential not what we need to release all the ammunition, namely “uncertainty” for the crew, the industry which one of the 16 missile submarines will receive an order for combat use. This volley was interrupted chain of failures associated with the sea tests of new ballistic missiles. Of the 24 launches only 15 were considered successful.

At the end of last year, the test of aptitude is supposed to be “Vladimir Monomakh”. According to “Izvestia”, the ship fired a volley dohrety from an underwater position. However, the results of shooting was far from ideal: one of the rockets self-destructed, the second reached the Kura test site, but not “passed the test” for accuracy. As a result of analysis of “flights” for the rest of the ammunition of the cruiser was sent to Votkinsk on the manufacturer to investigate the reasons. As subsequently found by the state Commission, the reason for the failure was a manufacturing defect. The ships and their systems of rockets being fired at military issues have arisen.

— During the tests of the RSM-54 “SKIF” was made 38 launches — 32 of them failed, — commented to “Izvestia”, the former head of Ministry of defense weapons Anatoly Sitnov. Naval strategic systems are very complex. This mortar and start from launcher, and the burn of the main engine above the water, and a number of factors influencing success. Bulava — rocket 5-th generation. Very complex, multi-functional, unified for basic systems with our other strategic complexes, interspecific. And there is nothing beyond the ordinary in that her tests come with certain complications.

In the upcoming release show in the first place will also be missiles. For this reason, the command of the Navy cannot accurately say what kind of missile will come out on qualification firing — “Yuri Dolgoruky” or “Vladimir Monomakh”. According to a source in the Navy headquarters, submarine to start will be selected in accordance with “the plans of combat training of the fleet and technical readiness of the ship.”

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