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Russia is preparing for a new “reset” with the United States

Working visit of John Kerry to Moscow took place in a surprisingly friendly atmosphere

Россия готовится к новой «перезагрузке» с США

The head of the U.S. state Department described their train to Moscow as “constructive”, “constructive” in General, were very pleased with everything.

And we – at least, according to official reports. As if this week has really met partners – without any quotation marks. As if from the same state Department sounded an ultimatum on the Crimea right to a two-year date from the day of his return home.

But what left overs of those smiles, handshakes and, at times, really witty jokes. Left Syria, Ukraine, the issues of terrorism and whatnot that is still far from final solution. Apparently, this is not the time.

Not quite such enthusiastic thoughts on the results of the visit of Kerry to Moscow with KM.RU shared political scientist, the leader of the party “Great Russia” Andrei Saveliev:

Good mine at bad game

– Analyzing the next visit of the us Secretary of state John Kerry to Moscow, I would suggest to pay special attention not announced on the press statement – for the most part empty and meaningless, as it should be today in diplomacy.

I’d noticed how striking this time changed the tone of the meeting. Topics by and large remained the same, but the tone of coverage of this meeting, its presentation by our media – that it has changed dramatically.

I believe that all this is due to such a widespread illusion that the current US administration is “written off”, because the elections are coming, after which there will be no Obama. Therefore, our diplomacy could try to make another attempt, that is not quite well with us was called “rebooting”.

I have this assumption that the “light tone”, which were our Kerry talks was pre – “programmed” by our side for the sole purpose of our pre-election PR. All those smiles, those jokes and friendly, if not friendly towards each other.

Like all the patients questions are really allowed here and from Syria we came out victoriously, after completing their mission. Really awkward to tell the people what is the Americans that are still there and clearly his policies are not going to change. But, probably, at us in Moscow too rely on the independence of Asada and the power of his army. So it is possible too to relax and allow liberties.

Probably would have been reached unofficial agreement that Russia ceased to interfere the United States in the middle East and immediately changed the tone. But the United States can poulybatsya his trademark snow-white smile, but to continue with his vector and even more confident and evil.

For the sake of voter and do not mind to cuddle

This is such a “good mine at bad game” – a signal to Russian voters that supposedly all issues have been resolved, we are now “tails up” and do business in the international arena are the best way, and we haven everything else was able to use Washington’s ambitions to their advantage.

And if so – esteemed voter just has concerted series to come in the fall to the ballot box and to appreciate the efforts of its authority. In short, our government really think she is a winner in this story. She sincerely wants to believe it. I believe that John Kerry is fine, “considered” is the mood of our diplomacy and with sincere pleasure, played along.

Be that as it may, but Minister Lavrov and President Putin gave his lines, smiling, and in every way shows its location not so much willingly, how prepared and drawn the head of the Department of state scenario.

The white House because we need to show voters that Democrats are still “made” the Russians, they are reconciled with the actual situation. But what is there to argue? Before our “friendship” was quite restrained and dark mines, and now – pay attention – not one word across. Agree with everything, or promise to agree, smile, rejoice every joke carefree as children.

Yes, it may happen that the fall in the US come to power the Republicans. But there have not accepted that the policy changed radically with the change of host in the White house. The phone experts – they will all remain in the “nomenclature”, except that to sit in other chairs. And Kerry – I’m sure – no case definitely will not sit.

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