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Russia granted Armenia a loan to buy weapons

Россия предоставила Армении кредит на покупку оружия

Armenia has received from the Russian Federation $ 200 million for the purchase of arms. These funds provided by the Republic in the loan for a period of 10 years.

Payments deferred until the beginning of 2018.

“The Russian side provides the Armenian side of the state export loan of up to 200 million US dollars for financing of supplies of military products of the Russian production in accordance with the list stipulated by Appendix # 1 to this agreement”, — said in a statement on the government portal.

According to the text of the Annex, Armenia buys from Russia launchers of jet systems of volley fire “Tornado” and ammunition to it, heavy flame thrower system TOS-1A with transport-loading machines, 9М113М guided missiles, rocket-propelled grenades RPG-26, Dragunov sniper rifle, armored cars “Tiger”, anti-aircraft missile complexes “Igla-S”, surface complexes of electronic intelligence Executive “Avtobaza-M” and communications.

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