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“Rostelecom” will develop your “Skype” for 47 million

Became known, the amount that the company “Rostelecom” will spend on the development of its own analogue of the popular service Skype project called “Hello” will cost the state enterprise, the attention to the 47 million rubles. According to the press service of the company, so the data is quite official.

The development of a very questionable service “Hello” will Moscow company “Svetets” that will get their 43.8 million rubles, and the remaining funds will be transferred to a subsidiary of Rostelecom “Restream”. The latter will generate a corresponding mobile app and website for “Hello”. Recall that this service was initially announced as an analogue of “Skype”, but for some reason paid, which immediately sparked a lot of questions about the necessity of its launch and a possible blockage of Skype in Russia.

Now “Alla” is an improved version of the home phone, but he did not cease to be, and its functionality remains the same — the project will provide the ability to make voice calls and Internet calls and to exchange text messages. “Hello” will be launched already this year in 16 major Russian cities, so that their residents may need to examine the methods of bypass of lock of sites and resources, because no one in their right mind would use a paid service with the free multi-functional and popular all over the world Skype.

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