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“Rostelecom” has developed a free to install “Skype”

Domestic company “Rostelecom” for a certain amount of time worked on the new service, the details of which were carefully concealed. Today it became known that it’s called “Alla”, and what it means for voice and text communication on the Internet. In other words, it is the Russian analogue Skype, only fully paid.

Meanwhile, the developers emphasize that there is nothing in common between “Skype” and “Alla”, in addition to similar function is not available. In fact, the “Hello” yet — he is still in the development stage, according to information from the website of public procurement, it will release not only on desktops but also on mobile gadgets running OS Google Android and Apple iOS. At the moment it is known that a new creation of “Rostelecom” will support voice and video calls, get call log, contact list and much more, but exactly the same thing that is in the “Skype”, and more recently — in a totally free WhatsApp that too will soon implement video calls. Log in to the service “Hello” will be by mobile number, what too is no surprise.

The representatives of “Rostelecom” have informed that the service will be paid, but added that it was designed not to compete with “Skype”. Then the question arises — for whom was created “Hello”, if the majority of people will prefer to use familiar and, most importantly, free services? I do not plan their ban on the territory of the Russian Federation? The answer to these questions we will receive this summer, because it is at this period scheduled start date “Alla”.

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