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Poroshenko sue

На Порошенко подают в суд

One of the people’s deputies of Ukraine – Mykola Tomenko said that he intends to sue the President of Ukraine. The news he announced during his broadcast on radio “Voice of Capital”.

According to him, the cause of action will be the veto, which Mr. Poroshenko imposed on the law on vocational technical education. As explained Tomenko, according to the Constitution the President has the right to veto the law for fifteen days, however, the law about vocational-technical schools, the President ignored the whole 39 days. The MP stressed that the document was supported by 297 deputies, including himself. Tomenko calls this behavior of the President the violation of Ukraine’s Constitution.

In the future also Tomenko expects that the government will once again violate the basic law of the country — will block his voting card.

Earlier, the faction Block Petro Poroshenko has deprived of Nikolay Tomenko mandate, which he also calls a violation of his rights, and openly describes the power of criminals, threatening to sue. To do this he promises that, when “later will the new government”. According to Tomenko, everything that happens is because it interferes with “the President and his favorite friends” to start their own businesses, stressing that Poroshenko is doing it instead of worrying about Ukraine and to fulfill their campaign promises.

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