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Popular game brought to reality. Video

Популярную игру воплотили в реальность. ВидеоAgent 47 plays, which is controlled through voice commands.

Especially for the release of a new series of Hitman games, the British Studio Realm Pictures has recreated the real-time gameplay.

Agent 47 played a real actor, a popular British bloggers ran it remotely using voice commands, and the action unfolded in the huge decorated mansion.

Project preparation lasted more than a week. Especially for him was held a casting, which has gained more than twenty actors playing supporting roles, as well as Agent 47. The voice of the protagonist was actor David Bateson, who has for many years voiced assassin in the Hitman video game series.

The mansion was covered with hidden cameras and microphones. The film crew were supervised remotely by each actor in the building, and coordinated course of events, based on the decisions taken by the players.

For the authenticity of all the actions of the main character starred in the third person from behind him. For this purpose, the operator has specifically studied the behavior of the camera in the game series Hitman to recreate a similar camera angles and atmosphere.

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