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Planes and Neanderthals

Самолеты и неандертальцы

Corporation “Antonov” has ordered long to live. Or rather – she was ordered… there are rumors that the Ukrainian oligarchs have lined up for the remnants of the assets. There are other rumors: after stopping “Yuzhmash” and the actual transfer of control of Washington’s nuclear industry at the close of the draft national aviation insisted the Americans. It doesn’t matter now, whose hands finally rasterbased company with a reputation as one of the best aircraft factories all over the world. Kiev shopkeepers did not slow down the pace in its work on the transformation of Ukraine into a political and raw material appendage of the USA. And there should be no illusions that they will stop…

In Independence there remained only to issue the Imperial edict of the Governor on free trade Chernozem arable land – the rest Yatsenyuk and his Ministerial colleagues with the American nationality has already passed on to the lenders from the USA. Some debts in the Treasury has done so much that five generations of Ukrainians do not pay. However, Ukraine under such management practices on long to disband the branch enclaves, sending, for example, in the Chernobyl wastelands of American nuclear waste, and the resort beach – lovers of sex tourism.

On the eve of the pan Poroshenko attended to the defence of the Eastern borders – apparently, the order came to organize the protection of the property of the new owners. In this respect, chronicle political settlement in the Donbas has turned into a hypocritical soap Opera. Just yesterday, the head of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev once again stated that the Kiev authorities had not complied with the Minsk agreements, moreover – Kyiv has imposed a total blockade of the region.

So what to expect next from Kiev “negotiators” who have repeatedly violated their own promises? It is unclear why, if even the penguins in Antarctica is already clear, who and under whose tune is in Kiev was dancing and dancing. The Russian foreign Ministry to reproach hard our diplomats do their job on a solid top five – but they, alas, are not the first who is forced to go on endless rounds of negotiations due to the fact that war is profitable for the beneficiaries of the world. Decades have not resolved the conflict of Israel and Palestine, embers between India and Pakistan, the exposed nerve of North Korea, fresh volcanic tube in Karabakh… recently more and Donbass. Ukraine involved in geopolitical exchange, first lost its independence, then its economy – apparently, came the turn to go into historical oblivion, losing statehood.

It isn’t a lot of time, and the descendants of the present generation of Ukrainians, those who voted for “Nezalezhnosti” and Panov type of Yushchenko and Poroshenko, will be able to appreciate what you have done they charmed us tales grandfathers.

And remember the blood of the Maidan, and rapid financial bondage, and the breakup of ties with Russia, and Yuzhmash and Antonov remember. But in what country will be given these assessments is a very interesting question…

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