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Pesetsky: “Ukraine completely dismantled the welfare state”

Песецкий: «На Украине окончательно демонтировали социальное государство»

The political scientist, the Deputy Director of the Ukrainian center for social intelligence Valery Pesetskii convinced that the adoption of the law on the need for all seniors to pass a special test to confirm their rights to pension or social benefit, is a demonstrative anti-social move of the new government

Rada adopted the law about the actual dismantling of the social state of Ukraine. All pensioners and benefit recipients will have to undergo a special inspection to confirm their rights to pension or social benefit.

I am sure that in addition to the humiliation of the procedure, she will pull and melkorublenyh train. When the recipients will bear the verifier from chocolates and champagne to envelopes with “deathly” from the old…


Under a separate “distribution” get grantees.

According to the forecast of the Deputy from opzz Nikolay Skorik verification of benefits, which the government has decided to implement, will make even an impossible payment of utility bills for millions of Ukrainians:

“Most people with normal signs will be deprived of subsidies” — that is the actual background of the adoption of the law, according to the Deputy.


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