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Persons of different sexes can pray together at the Wailing Wall

Лицам разного пола можно вместе молиться у Стены Плача

Men and women allowed to pray together at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. About it reports The Guardian.

The Israeli authorities approved the establishment of a mixed section worth 6 million pounds (7.9 million euros). It will accommodate up to 1.2 thousand pilgrims.

Against this decision was made by the ultra-Orthodox Cabinet Ministers. In particular, the interior Minister Arye Deri called it a violation of the norms of Judaism, on which was based the traditional Israel.

For the past 27 years for the right to pray fought the organization “women of the Wall”. Every month, they staged protests that often ended in clashes with police and arrests.

Traditionally, the Wailing Wall is divided into male and female parts. Women under threat of arrest is prohibited during the prayers to read aloud the Torah scrolls and ritual use of the veil “tallit”.

The Wailing wall in the Old city of Jerusalem is one of the main Jewish Holy sites. It represents the remains of the Western wall of the Second temple, destroyed by Romans in the first century of our era. Every year the monument is visited by thousands of pilgrims and tourists.

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