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The most amazing places in Israel. Photo

Самые удивительные места Израиля. ФотоHere you can see many interesting things.

“The land flowing with milk and honey” – as the Bible describes heaven, the Torah of Israel. So this unique country is often called today. And not without reason, because in the Holy land is an intricate kaleidoscope of intertwined cultures, religions, traditions, ethnicity and history since the creation of the world.

Still don’t know where to go on vacation? Here’s 10 places in Israel that you must visit, in addition to the Mediterranean, red and Dead seas.

1. Jaffa

Самые удивительные места Израиля. Фото

Jaffa is a popular tourist destination in tel Aviv. They say it is here, in one of the oldest ports, where there are hundreds of ships with pilgrims bound for Jerusalem, Noah built the ark and Persey released Andromeda. Here the Apostle Peter raised Tabitha. Here was the army of Alexander the great. It is for Jaffa at different times fought Richard the Lionheart and Napoleon. Walking through the narrow ancient streets and seafront of Jaffa, you must visit the Museum of antiquities and the Museum of history, the underground archaeological Museum and a flea market where for a small fee you can buy Antiques and clothing of pure cotton. Second, port the market, for an equally modest fee – oysters, and then to try real Israeli hummus (believed to Jaffa he’s the best in the country) and drink a Cup of coffee with cardamom.

2. Caesarea

Самые удивительные места Израиля. Фото

A city with an amazing ancient history, where equal parts of the combined Imperial despotism with romance and freedom. Caesarea – another ancient port, on the ruins which is a national Park. Archaeological excavations continue there today. During its long history of Caesarea many times changed and the residents and owners: there were the crusaders and the Mamluks, and each was built and rebuilt the city for themselves, first conquered, then strengthened, hoping to remain the rightful owner. One of the main attractions of Caesarea, the amphitheater, where concerts with incredibly expensive tickets, but unforgettable atmosphere. To attend the concert in Caesarea – one of the main conditions that need to be performed, while in Israel. And to admire the giant Hippodrome and the theatre, washed by the sea waves, and imagine how a Roman warship anchored in this quiet Harbor, and the bravest legionaries, bored by land and ordinary worldly pleasures, jump to the side right into the water.

3. Masada

Самые удивительные места Израиля. Фото

Of course, you go to the Dead sea, and thence to the fortress of Masada – hand. Before you travel for inspiration can watch a wonderful movie “Masada” in 1981. Masada was the last line of defense, which completely cut off the Jews fought with the Tenth Roman Legion. A strong Jewish fortress she was approximately 142. BC. And not without reason: on all sides Masada is surrounded by steep cliffs, with only the sea to the top is a narrow path. What happened here is tragic and majestic conclusion of the Jewish war against the Romans. When Jerusalem was turned into a mountain of ruins, and all the cities of Judah, Samaria and Galilee was in the hands of the enemy, throughout the state continued to keep the siege, one lonely and distant fortress of Masada. Its defenders were about a thousand people, including women and children. They bravely and selflessly resisted for another three long and painful years, and after all suicide to stay undefeated. Today Masada has become a symbol of courage and heroism of Israel, here take an oath of soldiers, and over the sunbaked stones over and over again proudly are the words: “Masada will not fall!”

4. Hamat Gader

Самые удивительные места Израиля. Фото

A unique Wellness centre that consists of several hot springs for bathing. Hamat Gader has been known since the Roman Empire. Next to the Spa-tourist complex is a farm for breeding crocodiles. Its products is significant percentage of world exports of crocodile skin. In General, you just have to admire big and small alligators. In addition, the tract is located close to the major shrines of the Christians, making them a key place for the believers, come here from all over the world. Scientists believe that Jesus and his disciples also bathed in the healing hot springs of Hamat Gader.

Самые удивительные места Израиля. Фото

5. The Bahai Gardens

Самые удивительные места Израиля. Фото

Gardens located on mount Carmel in Haifa. They resemble in appearance the biblical hanging gardens. The name “Baha’i” received the same honor born here of faith “the Baha’is”. In fact, the gardens are its symbol. The meaning of the teachings is to search for pure love, understanding, orderliness of life and harmony. Bright and colorful Park is made in Persian style. Here seeking not only to followers of the current “Baha’is” of gardens has turned into a real tourist Mecca. Care for plants 90 professional gardeners and volunteers-Baha’is who come to your religious center. To visit the Baha’i gardens were opened not so long ago – in 2001, but seven years later they were included in the world heritage List of UNESCO.

6. Megiddo

Самые удивительные места Израиля. Фото

Or Armageddon in this place happens the final battle between good and evil (the same Armageddon, gave the name of a Hollywood film), according to legend at the battle will participate all earthly rulers. Megiddo is a hill with a height of about 60 meters. In ancient times it was a city that played an important strategic role: using Megiddo was the main military road and trade routes. During the excavations there were discovered the construction of the biblical time. All archaeologists uncovered 26 (only ponder upon this digit) layers of settlements of different ages, beginners calculus IV Millennium BC.

7. The Tunnel Of The Hasmoneans

Самые удивительные места Израиля. Фото

Of course, you go to the wailing Wall to pray and leave a note. Linger there a little longer and be sure to visit the Western Wall tunnel or the Hasmonean tunnel. It is a part of the ancient city in the time of king Herod, and runs from the Plaza at the Western Wall to the via Dolorosa, the street where the path led Christ to the place of crucifixion. From the via Dolorosa to the tunnel, separated by only the inner wall of one of the shops. The owner could not sell it to Israel, otherwise would have been killed by Muslim fanatics. When you exit the tunnel into the Arab quarter for security purposes, travelers must be accompanied with a security guard. During the excursion you will pass along the foot of the Temple mount, underneath the mediaeval houses of Jerusalem, trapped under the earth 2000 years ago. Here we touch the largest stone in the world – stone of the wailing Wall, weighing in at over 560 tons. This is one of the larger stones when it’s raised by the efforts of man without technology.

8. Rosh-ha-nikra

Самые удивительные места Израиля. Фото

These cave grottoes of the sea, washed in the malleable chalk cliffs. In the recent past to get close to him was only possible by water, and that is capable of such a feat was only the most brave and courageous swimmers. In 1968, the rock punched a gallery for tourists, later built cable cars. For many centuries, the cliff of Rosh Hanikra was the site of transition of armies and trade caravans from Syria and Lebanon to Egypt and Africa. The tunnel carved in the rock attributed to Alexander the great – the Emperor moved South to capture the Phoenician city of tyre. The first road paved by the British during the First world war, during world war II, they ran a tunnel for the railroad. After the British rule, the area came under the control of the army of Israel: Lebanese border post is located just two kilometers from Rosh ha-nikra.

9. Akko

Самые удивительные места Израиля. Фото

The ancient Arab city, perfect for relaxing walks on foot: you can pobrodit on the Fort along the sea, popetlyat narrow streets, which stretches several markets, buy some coffee and spices, and, of course, be supported by the local hummus. Akko richness and number of monuments of history did concede that the capital of Israel, Jerusalem. Already at the entrance to the city you will see the remains of the ancient walls, and later will meet with the main local highlight – the third largest in the country mosque of al-Jazzar. Opposite the mosque is located built in the time of the crusaders: the great hall, where monks of the knights Hospitaller took pilgrims. In fact, the order was founded to aid pilgrims traveling to the Holy land. The monks opened the so-called “hospitals,” where a traveler could receive medical care, food, shelter and even armed escorts. One of the most impressive buildings in Akko you can call a forty-metre fortress. It served as the residence of the rulers, it also housed the Armory and the prison. The city never ceases to attract tourists with its unique touch feeling of eternity, even when in the halls of the knights Hospitallers of contemporary music, and on the quays are theatre festivals.

10. The sea of Galilee, or sea of Galilee

Самые удивительные места Израиля. Фото

Kinneret is the main source of fresh water in Israel. The entire coast of the lake is marked by the temples, erected at different times in memory of the miracles wrought here by Jesus Christ. These places are considered the cradle of Christianity: Christ came to preach to the inhabitants of the fishing villages on the water of the sea of Galilee he walked “like dry land”, on the mount of Beatitudes read the sermon on the mount, and Tabgha multiplied the number of loaves and fishes. Here he healed the sick, and here found students. Today on the lake you can swim in an exact replica of the ship that sailed the sea of Galilee in the time of Christ. This walk is very popular with pilgrims.

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