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Olympic wolves

Outside the window winter reigned, spoiled by the abundance of snow and strong frosts. The country lived in suspense 20-th winter Olympic games in Turin. We were days before sports battles in Italy.

Meanwhile in the cave the Gus-Khrustalny district of Vladimir region the older Rangers Sitkina Leonid Vasilyevich, despite the upcoming Olympics, formed a big problem. In a planned bypass-the diversion of their hunting grounds Leonid Vasilyevich suddenly discovered an uninvited and dangerous guest in the amount of three pieces.

On arrival home he informed about the impending threat to his supervisor, senior inspector Eugene Kudryavtsev. After the signal, the hunters gathered a hunting team and together with him began to develop a plan to address this problem. Pre-sending a request to the office, only remains to wait for official guidance from the senior management.
According to the results of the research traces of wolf activity the views of hunters and gamekeepers agree that the wolves came from the Ryazan region and, once in the lands of the Meshchera, firmly settled in the zone of silence and of reproduction game, where hunting is prohibited year-round.

The next round of the possessions of Leonid Vasilyevich gave a perfect result: three wolves, which he found earlier, more than inhabit his plot and felt like home. Also when crawling it has been observed that wolves prefer beaver, it has repeatedly affirmed the huntsman found their remains. Appetite at wolves every day only increased that has proved traces of stalking a large elk and a well-organized corral for wild boar with a sad for the young yearlings consequence.

Having received the official permission for shooting wolves, a group of hunters in the amount of eleven persons, headed by a senior inspector Yevgeny Kudryavtsev, moved to positions upcoming salary. Arriving at the place early in the morning, after eating sandwiches with tea, making a bypass and not finding a trace of the output, the hunters realized that the beast of the night after a meal are within the estimated salary.

Senior game wardens conducted with hunters a safety briefing, introduced them in the course of a given plan of action. Having listened carefully to the hunters, the hunters began to put the boxes that were prepared in advance and personally, pre-aged in a latrine. Not podumat in the salary of the predators, it was decided to put checkboxes on skis, helped by a good crust. The salary turned out to be four square kilometers. The hunters had deepened to twenty feet inside the barrier flags. Hunters have placed all the rooms, carefully putting in every sector of his firing, and he joined the beaters, who, banging sticks on the trees and shouting, marched to the supposed lair of wolves. Slowly pulled waiting for the exits of the beast for small rooms. With a large crash down the snow with fir trees, causing hunters to be nervous. In every stump and every tussock, he saw the silhouettes of wolves. After a short finding of hunters in salary thundered the first shots that failed. After a short time, there was still shots. This time the young she-wolf went bright red flags and not noticing the well masked hunter standing in the room, imposing gait moved to it. Beautiful doublet stopped the movement of wolves. At the same time on the other side of the salary of the young buck went along the line of shooting sites. The silence was cut by loud cannonade of shots, the trophy was produced only at the third room. The hunters were busy with the shot, as for many it was the first battue hunting of the wolf in salary. Substance the she-wolf lay down dense vegetation for reed, missed the beaters and the edge of the check boxes out of salary, finding in it a gap.
Olympic battle has already gained momentum, gathering near screens fans of sports and not just athletes, not sparing themselves and their forces, forged a joyous victory for our Motherland. Like a bullet, our district passed the news that the house hunters Leonid Vasilyevich brought extracted wolves. This news could not hold neither me nor my friend Dmitry. Despite the broadcast of the Olympics, headlong we rushed over to the trophies. They proudly lay bloody on the snow, attracting the attention of the inhabitants of the Meshchera.

I was a high-schooler, and proudly watched all of the hunting company, somewhere deep down, was jealous of the extracted trophies,
in their faces one could read joy, delight, good mood, accompanied by jokes, were falling everywhere greetings — with the field! The hunters remembered the bright moments of the shots, the conversation between them collectively carried out work on the bugs.

The evening produced wolves were taken for examination, the results of which revealed the presence of rabies. All direct participants of the hunt rushed for medical examination. Hunters then was worn out marks from this disease, but even that could not dampen their joy and reduce pride. These memorable moments battue hunting wolves will long be remembered, sitting around the campfire with a large hunting team. Extracted with great difficulty the wolves have the right to be called Olympic, and the time coincided.
After a successful battue hunting there were other attacks of wolves, but that’s another story…

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