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Oil company BP will not cut investments

Нефтяная компания ВР не будет сокращать объемы инвестиций

As reported by Spencer Dale, chief economist at the British company BP, the organization of this year intends to spend about $ 17 billion in investments. He noted that such a large amount is the guarantor of long-term energy imports.

Recall that the largest oil and gas companies are actively reducing the flow of investments to ensure that they live in accordance to available funds. However, the British company BP is not going to significantly reduce the amount of investment, rather, willing to spend a large sum of money — about $ 17 billion. Spencer Dale is confident that this amount of investment will be able to ensure energy supplies in the long term.

The head of BP have repeatedly said that neither Russia nor OPEC not to freeze oil production in connection with the inefficiency of such an initiative. OPEC also encourages its members to support this decision against the background of falling oil prices.

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