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Offensive offer… You think so too?


There is a situation.

The man with whom you sleep from time to time for over 7 years losing my housing MONEY for MARKET VALUE! No discount is purely business.

It takes another few years and you honestly given it to you, expressed including in the delivery of housing at market value, make the offer to pay you for sex at market same price.

Then you friend one says “Well, it’s an insulting offer!”

What’s insulting is that? and the second question is, why is he not offended to take the woman is in a relationship (if it’s a relationship, not prostitution, of course – but then what is offensive in order for the service to ask for money?) housing market value?


Оскорбительное предложение... Вы тоже так считаете?

Chota I less and less understand the situation in this world. We’re no longer accepted in society to rationally assess what is happening?

Men can give women they’re sleeping accommodation for money, and women can’t say the same?

The first company justifies as it should, and the second condemns. But both have a ratio to the woman as a prostitute, to a stranger, which is used only for the provision of sexual favors, it’s NOTHING PERSONAL!


WELL, if the woman is ready to continue to provide services, only now to be honest and not in a brotherly way, is that not the norm?

Emma Brady

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