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Obesity can be caught

Ожирением можно заразиться.

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison made an interesting conclusion: such an unpleasant disease as obesity can just “hook up” in a public place, like any other infection. This contributes to the particular virus with which human stem cells turned into fat.

Scientists said that one way to protect yourself from excess weight is frequent hand washing with soap, especially after visiting crowded places and public transport. The fact is that obesity can… get infected. So even if you eat right and load your body exercise, in some cases, it will not help to avoid the problem.

The researchers carefully studied the characteristics of adenovirus-36 (Ad-36). Before the experiments were made on animals, whereby we found out that the “thirty-sixth” strikes the eyes and upper respiratory tract, and as a “bonus” infection of fat cells in the body begin to divide, leading to weight gain. If you survey a large group of Americans has found that a third of obese people are infected with Ad-36, and among the thin – only the tenth part.

The new study, researchers focused on what is the impact of the virus on stem cells of adult human. Material for experiments were obtained from the adipose tissue of people who had undergone liposuction. Half the stem cells exposed to adenovirus. A week later, the majority of infected samples turned into fat cells, while uninfected remained unchanged. Moreover, stem cells are not just changed but become a source of accumulation of fat.

The researchers note that Ad-36 is just one of 10 pathogens associated with the development of obesity, but actually them can be much more. “Some people find it hard to believe that obesity may occur due to the virus, said Dr. Magdalena of Pasarica. – Of course, overeating effect on weight gain. No doubt about it. But it’s not the whole truth. There are several causes of obesity, including the psychological aspect, the presence of certain genes and, as we have seen, viruses and infection.”

University staff are going to continue research to better understand the role of Ad-36 in human obesity. And in the long term is to develop a vaccine or cure for the virus.

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