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Novak and Gref argued about the timing of the end of the hydrocarbon era

Новак и Греф поспорили о сроках окончания углеводородной эпохи

Oil and gas remain main sources of energy until 2040. This opinion was expressed during the St. Petersburg economic forum, Russia’s energy Minister Alexander Novak, the correspondent of “Tape.<url>” on Friday, June 17. The Minister expressed confidence that Russia will have an advantage as one of the key producers of hydrocarbons.

“It’s important to use high-tech methods of extraction and processing”, — said the official, explaining that the mix is shifting to low-carbon fuels.

According to him, oil and gas provide Russia with 84 percent of all energy. It is expected that in the nearby future their share will drop to 78 percent. But in General, the dominance of oil and gas will continue, said the official. “Electric cars are not qualitatively change the world, unlike, for example, a computer — gave an example of Novak.

The speech of the Minister was a response to the head of Sberbank German Gref, who said earlier in the day that Russia clings to the old oil age. According to the banker, on the border of 2030 oil and gas will cease to be the main sources of energy and will go by the wayside. As an illustration, he cited statistics of the use of renewable energy in China, where wind produced 145 gigawatts of electricity, and by 2020, a significant portion of public transport is expected to be converted to electricity.

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