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Never more Ukrainians so bad not lived, as in Putin…

Ukraine leaps and bounds in Europe. Tomorrow, well, high, for the new year, we’ll be able with clear conscience to say that the coveted European Union is ours!

But there’s bad news. Feel the joy of long-awaited Peremogi will not only all.

The fact that on the thorny path of European integration we have to go through another test.

Suddenly it became clear that Ukrainians are somehow too early to retire. In the current environment (hybrid warfare, control of the aggressor, the forced unification of the military standards with NATO, the daily machinations of the FSB and gleefully grinning Putin in the TV – underline) the contents of pensioners with monthly payment of their benefits from the state, is a luxury.

So the IMF protested. Say, old men-dependents now no longer in trend. Therefore, an urgent need to raise the retirement age by two years for men, three for women (here’s to gender equality!). As well as to eliminate the right to early retirement and take two in dangerous enterprises.

In fact, yaschetayu that such a progressive country like Ukraine, even from the concept of “retirement” needs to give up. In the framework of universal peace and the process of cleansing the remnants of the hated “scoop”.

And anyway, why do we need Ukrainian pension if soon we’ll all be in the EU, where, as you know, pay a completely different amount in a different currency!

But before this happy moment for more than six months (according to the latest reports from Twitter Poroshenko), then I have another suggestion. To announce the mobilization of all pensioners-the elderly in the troops that could be immediately all landed once without a parachute, and retired grandparents in the bomb squad to his watchful eyes cleared the land of Donbass. And, most importantly, to translate all self-sufficient. With the involvement of volunteer organizations. In this case, the benefits are obvious – retirees, and the pension Fund, you can quickly close unnecessary.

In General, it is not easy to live in an era of change. Especially with such reformers, which has hit Ukraine itself.

One is already charging in Washington does.

Remaining under the supervision of the IMF needs to increase tariffs to a level space, to make the retirement age 100 years, and only then will be able to join the team.

However, it is gratifying that in this country anything up. Moreover, this reform is very far-sighted step of the Ukrainian government. If the number of pensioners will be reduced considerably, there will be no one to cook soup on the next square.

And so we’re good.


If you do not remember that ever we so bad not lived, as in… Putin.

Julia Vityazeva, specially for News Front



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Alexey Kurakin

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